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A REVIEW OF VIDA'S DEBUT EP 'Masquerade' - 16/11/2016

VIDA - photo credit to Jethro Jones (Tenement TV)
From left to right - Craig Scobbie, Jamie Pollock, Nathan Evans, Jamie Piggott and Greg Ballantyne.
VIDA are a five-piece Rock 'n' Roll band from Clackmannanshire, Scotland.
Taking influence from the world of Britpop this band Alloa based consisting of Jamie Pollock (vocals and guitar), Nathan Evans (lead guitar and backing vocals), Craig Scobbie (bassist), Greg Ballantyne (keyboard) and Jamie Piggott (drummer and backing vocals) have taken 2016 for their own, getting the name VIDA out there.
The band just released their debut EP 'Masquerade' and played a gig at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on behalf of This Feeling to celebrate.

Masquerade EP Artwork
This three track EP definitely provides you with a solid idea of this band's sound right from the off.
Having only heard of the band before this release I finally listened to them once I knew of this upcoming release and I very much enjoyed their previously released songs so I hoped that the EP would be one that I liked and it was just that.

This EP starts off a little psychedelic due to some of the instrumentals in Moloko Vellocat though it becomes clear when the vocals begin that Britpop is the direction this band want to go in due to their being a change in the instrumentals and the style of frontman Jamie's voice.
The band also incorporate a great deal of Rock 'n' Roll vibes within their instrumental solos which is allowing themselves to stop sounding the same in each song they play. For me, this is an important factor in this EP.

Due to them having sounds which they describe as Rock 'n' Roll and Britpop, despite not being worlds apart in terms of their sounds, VIDA have allowed themselves to produce songs with very different sounds on this release which I like very much, they have not been scared to experiment with all the possibilities that they can get out of themselves and with this being their debut EP they have done so pretty early on.
'When I Call' although not the leading track / the one which gives the EP it's name, it is definitely my favourite. This track for me creates the bridge between the two genres in which they describe themselves as.

When I was previously interviewing another band, they were talking about their writing process and how they all like to get involved because they do not want to have one main song writer as they feel this doesn't give the vibe of 'five lads in a band' that they want. Although the songs on this EP are all similar in terms of the themes the band are singing about I feel like the instrumentals in these songs are just as powerful as the vocals and although they work great together, they would do well as songs without the vocals added in.

The last track, 'Masquerade' is the one which probably best reflects the bands sound due to them choosing this to be the one giving the EP it's name. That is something I feel was the best decision for them out of the three, despite 'When I Call'  being my favourite overall, if it was purely down to the instrumentals and the riffs it would definitely have been 'Masquerade' as this song has one great riff towards the end.

The Rock 'n' Roll side of this is very similar to that of bands such as The Strawberries and Paves (whose music I love), it does not sound dated. It is there but isn't too obvious and that is something which not a lot of the bands of today achieve.

On whole I have been left pretty impressed by this Scottish quintet and am looking forward to hearing more from them as well as hopefully seeing them live at some point in the near future.

You can listen to the EP here:

If like me you also wish to see the boys of VIDA live in the near future, you can do just that by getting yourself down to the following gigs (ticket links can be found on the bands Facebook page):

The Windsor in Kirkcaldy - 3rd December 2016
Castle Hotel in Manchester - 10th December 2016
Broadcast in Glasgow - 15th December 2016
 Written by Sophie.

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