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THE MADDING CROWD - photo credit to the relevant individual
THE MADDING CROWD are a Manchester-based quartet.
Consisting of Benjamin Corry (vocals & guitar), Dominic Corry (guitar), Claud Corry (bass) and Sav Patel (drums) are a self-proclaimed punk band who just today released their EP 'The 78th Bridge on the Rochdale Canal' and shall tonight play the Miners Arts & Music in Manchester to celebrate the release.
Ahead of this release I had an interview with the bands frontman, Ben.

How was it that you all first met?

 Me, Dom and Claud are related, so we've known each other at least since they were born. Dom is my brother and Claud is our cousin. We met Sav just over a year ago when he got in touch to try out to be our new drummer, and he's been like family ever since.

When was it that you first realised music was something you wanted to pursue? Was there something specific that triggered this?

It was on my 10th birthday when my friend introduced me to Nirvana. I'd never seen or heard anything like it,that band opened up an entire world to me and are the reason I do what I do. From that moment music became everything, and it remains just so.

What would you describe your genre to be at present?

I'm not really sure. We've never set out to be any one particular genre and have always worked on instinct when it comes to songwriting and crafting our sound, which has made for something that is ever-evolving and generally completely different from one song to the next. Our sound takes in elements Punk, Glam, Psych, Alt Rock, Rockabilly, Country, Metal and tonnes of other stuff. All the things we like really.

You recently appeared on 'The Magic Onion' over at NMFM 106.6 FM, how was that? What is it you like about playing on the radio / getting radio play?

It went really well, thanks. We debuted 'Where's the Glamour?' which is the closing track from our forthcoming EP, acoustic in the studio. First time we've played it live in any form anywhere. What I like about radio is the sense of achievement and being appreciated you feel when someone plays your song, because it has to be a sincere and fervent level of fandom for someone to take time out of their radio show to play your song and talk about your band. The same with playing live on radio; in a way it's a vindication of the work we're continuing to put in. I also like the buzz that premiering a new song on radio creates. It's a big old rush to hear people's feedback instantly and in person, and that's the platform that radio provides.

You recently released 'January Begins' which will feature on your upcoming EP 'The 78th Bridge on the Rochdale Canal'. How was the reception for that track?

It was received really well. I think people were a little taken aback at first because it's unlike anything we've ever released - it's heavier, nastier, more brutal... and I think it's grown on people in a big way.

The artwork for the EP
The EP 'The 78th Bridge on the Rochdale Canal' was just released on the 26th November. What are the themes behind the tracks on the EP?
The EP itself is centred around the rose-tinted view that people hold of the place where they grew up and their own past history. We're trying to explore themes of childhood, loss, nightmares, fear, love, lies among other things, and trying to create something that is an honest and unflinching look at how we see our place in the world, and how where we come from has formed that outlook.

You had an EP launch show to celebrate the release, what were you most looking forward to about this?
Yeah we had! 26th November at The Miners in North Manchester. We've tried to put something together that reflects the themes of the EP and is as monumental in scope and ambition as we believe this EP is. We've made a film for it, put together an amazing line-up and hired a venue that could not be more perfect for what we're trying to do. I'm most looking forward to actually playing to be honest. We're doing a full 90 minute set of raucous, glamorous, beautiful, disgusting, furious guitar music, and it's going to be amazing.

What do you think makes a good gig?
 Great songs, great bands, great venues, great sound and a receptive crowd, regardless of its size.

Out of all the currently up and coming bands / artists, who are you listening to?
The Parish Church Fire - our producer Sam Smith fronts them and they are extraordinary. Enigmatic, intense, heavy and real. What a band. I'm also listening to The Maitlands, a really great Garage Rock/Indie 5-piece from Oldham, whose frontman Carl is languid, witty, captivating and generally badass. The 99 Degree are another great band, they do Psych/Spaghetti Western stuff; there is absolutely no one like them operating on the scene at present.

Throughout the rest of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, what can we expect from The Madding Crowd?
We just played in Sheffield on November 12th, playing The RS Bar, which is a venue we love in a city we love, which we would play every day if we could. Then it's the EP launch on November 26th, with the EP released the same day. We're heading to London on December 17th to play St Moritz Club in Soho for the first time, and in the new year we'll be touring the EP as extensively as we can. We have dates confirmed in Sheffield and Manchester, and will be announcing more in the coming weeks!
 You can listen to the EP here:
Written by Sophie.

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