Tuesday, 29 November 2016


ANDY FLYNN - photo credit to Ryan Griffiths
Hailing from the Midlands is Andy Flynn, a new up and coming indie/singer-songwriter.
Having spent the majority of his music career in multiple bands, as a session player for friend’s such as Steve Cradock, The Moons and Seb Tree, Andy decided to focus on his solo music, creating music that is important and personal to him. While some consider him an indie singer-songwriter, he is much more than that, delving into the 60’s psychedelic era with a modern twist, he highlights influences such as Bob Dylan and The Beatles but maintaining an authentic solo sound.
After many decades of building up a catalogue of unreleased original songs, he’s decided to release an EP of his tracks, showcasing his shift from the acoustic side to a more psychedelic, indie vibe, recording, mixing and mastering all his material himself with a little help from a few friends.
 “Judy” is an upcoming debut single from his brand new EP, expressing the new road he’s going down with his music. This track exhibits a more melodic, heartfelt side to his music. His voice compliments the touching lyrics while maintaining the psychedelic indie sound to be expected from his upcoming EP.
His EP is due for release in December and his debut single is available late November on Bandcamp.
Written by guest writer, Harriet Willis.

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