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Final line-up poster.
This year brings the first ever Kazoopa Festival, a multi-venue inner-city festival which is based in the city of Leeds by its own independent promotions company, Double Denim Live. This will allow the DIY hands on ethics running through the festival.

Taking place over the course of one day, the festival will see 50+ bands and artists play at some of the cities best loved venues; Headrow House, Oporto, Verve Bar, Santiago and Milo Bar. Please note all venues are 16+ except Milo Bar which is 18+.

Pre-bought tickets can be bought here and they are £10. They can be bought on the door but on the day they will be £15.

Wristband exchange for the festival will be at Headrow House.
On top of that, there will be a launch party for the festival on the night before (25th) at Verve Bar. Live music on this night will be in the basement of the venue and will come from Dirty Sterling, The Rook and The Himalayas. There will also be DJs both upstairs and downstairs following the live music who will be playing right up till 4am. The launch party is free entry (no wristbands needed) and if you are lucky enough to get down tot he basement of Verve Bar early enough, there may be a free tequila with your name on it. Please note, the launch party is strictly 18+.
If all the fab music-filled night and day you will have already had isn't enough for you, you can get yourself down to the Attic Bar for Propaganda Leeds' Official Kazoopa Festival Afterparty where with a wristband you can get in for just £1. With some of the best drink deals in Leeds, none stop current and classic indie alternative music in the main room and the best in pop, party and dance in the second room on offer while you get to party with some of the best musicians and up and coming bands in the country this is not something you want to miss out on. Regular entry is £5 on the door and last entry is 3am. Please note, the afterparty is strictly 18+.
Full list of stage times.
 The festival itself was created to give music lovers the chance to go to one last festival now the festival season is over, it does that and with the quality of the line-up it does it well. Full of brilliant bands / artists and some of the best up and coming musical acts from all across the UK, Double Denim Live have outdone themselves with this line-up especially with it just being the first Kazoopa Festival.

There are a lot of bands on the line-up which I've listened to / heard great things about but have never actually seem them live and now I shall just the chance to do just that.

Although there are many bands on the line-up that I wish to see because of the talent all throughout it, I will be unable to see them all and therefore I have chosen ten bands / artists  (with great difficulty) that I shall be going to see during the course of the day.

MINT - photo credit to Kyle Baxter
Mint - the indie band from Grimsby are another band I am yet to see live. They are one which have over the last few months become more apparent across the social media I have and I am glad they did as they have released some great music over the time I have been following them on social media. Kazoopa Festival will be my first chance to see them live and I am looking forward to it quite a lot due to pieces I have previously seen written about their live performance.

If you want to catch Mint during the weekend then you can do just that at Verve Bar at 14:00.

THE VELVETEENS - photo credit to Derek D'Souza.
THE VELVETEENS - this Rock 'n' Roll quintet from Leeds first caught my eye due to the fact of the majority of the members being female, something which is not very common within the music industry and so this sets them apart from a lot of bands on this line-up. When I listened to them for the first time I was rather impressed by them and when I saw that they were on the bill for this festival they were immediately on my list of bands to see.
If you are wanting to see The Velveteens then you must make sure you are at Verve Bar for 15:00.

JUDAS - photo credit to Andrew Benge
 JUDAS - I have been a fan of this indie-rock band who hail from all around the UK and are now based in London for many months after discovering them through This Feeling and Faith Gledhill (FictionIsNotImagination). I got to see them for the first time at AMP Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the band were one of the highlights of the weekend for me and so I am sure that they will put on one hell of a performance. That is exactly why I am going to be seeing JUDAS at Headrow House at 15:30.

I definitely recommend you make them one of your bands to see also.

PAVES - photo credit to Ruby Flashman
Paves - this Rock 'n' Roll, London based band are one we have featured a few times on the blog through reviews and one who we will soon be posting an interview with frontman Luke. I did not get to see them the first time one of my fellow writers, Megan did but I heard nothing but good things about them following this which meant I saw them at the first opportunity (AMP Fest) and they met and exceeded all expectations and that is why they have made this list of my top bands to see at Kazoopa Fest.

If you also wish to see Paves on the 26th, you should be sure to get to Oporto at 15:30.

SISTERAY - photo credit to The Zine UK
Sisteray - this alternative / grunge / punk London based band are another that I got to see for the first time at AMP Fest . We featured Sisteray on the blog in our first few months of being active, this was the first time I had heard the bands music and I instantly liked them. When I got to see them for the first time I was glad to find out that they are as amazing live as they are recorded.
If Sisteray are a band you wish to see at Kazoopa Festival then make sure that you are at Santiago Bar at 15:15.

THE WHOLLS - photo credit to Jack Bridgeland
The Wholls -  this alternative / rock band from Bedford are one that before the line-up announcements for this festival so I am very glad they are on the bill as they are a brilliant band and I am very much looking forward to getting to see them live. I am clearly not the only one who has been blown away by this band which is directly explained by the position they have on the festival poster.
If The Wholls are a band you wish to see should get down to Oporto at 17:30.

HELLO OPERATOR - photo credit to Tracey Welch
Hello Operator - I had heard of this desert-rock / fuzz 'n' roll / blues York based band a considerable amount of time ago but never properly listened to them until my interview with Bang Bang Romeo on the night of the Cupids, Bang Bang Romeo and The Strawberries gig at Brudenell Social Club during which Anastasia said they are one of her favourite bands. Instantly after listening to them I see just why it is that people like this band, this makes me very glad I haven't waited a long time to see them after properly discovering them.

This band shall be playing the stage at Headrow House at 18:30 on the 26th.

VICTORS - photo credit to the relevant individual, name could not be found
Victors - this indie band are one I discovered a few months back but are another I have not seen live and these boys are the ones I am looking forward to seeing most out of those bands which I haven't already seen. This band are a brilliant up and coming Leeds based quartet and one I hope shall live up to the expectations they have set themselves through their music.
If Victors are a band you wish to see then you should definitely get down to Oporto at 18:30.
JACK JONES - photo credit to Daniel Quesada
Jack Jones (Trampolene) - the frontman of the alternative rock band Trampolene of Swansea now based in London will be bringing himself to the festival. I have been a fan of Trampolene for a very long time now and I managed to catch them at Tramlines this year at which they were better than I imagined they would be and I thoroughly enjoyed Jack's poetry. For me this set will definitely be a highlight of the day.

If you wish to see Jack Jone's then you should make sure you're at Verve Bar at 20:00.

KASSASSIN STREET - photo credit to Lewis Evans
Kassassin Street - I got introduced to this indie-rock Southsea based five-piece band a few months ago due to a friend's recommendation, since that time I have very much enjoyed their music but unfortunately haven't yet seen them live, something which I am glad I will finally be getting to do so at Kazoopa Festival and I definitely recommend you also do the same.
If you do decide Kassassin Street are a band you wish to see then you should head down to Headrow House on the 26th at 20:30.
*Please note that the line-up and venues are all subject to change*
Written by Sophie.

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