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CABEZUDOS - photo credit to Dave Hudson
From left to right - Harry, Jack, Tom and Chris
CABEZUDOS are a Liverpudlian rock-band who are 'coming to conquer'.

Consisting of Jack Hughes (vocalist), Chris Bolton (guitarist and backing vocalist), Tom Maher (bassist) and Harry Strachan (drummer) this band have now been around for just over a year and a half, with members aged 18 up to 22 years have definitely made an impressive and fast start to their musical career.
Last year, the band played X&Y Festival and launched their debut EP 'She Waits' to a nearly sold out The Zanzibar in Liverpool (you can read my review of this EP here and listen to the EP here). As well as that, before their first year together passed the boys of the band entered and won the Liverpool Rocks Battle of the Bands which shows just how talented this band are.

With their primary influences ranging from that of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones to The Beach Boys, they consider their branch of rock to be 'art rock' however they 'find a difficulty' in finding a specific branch of rock to which they fit though if they had to choose they would say 'Art-Rock' is the most appropriate genre for them to label themselves as.

The boys during their Kazoopa Fest set at Verve Bar - photo credit to Paul Cartwright

On the stairs in a packed out Verve Bar is where I watched this Liverpool & Wirral based four-piece take to the stage. 

With the audience in front of me and the boys to the left I am in the perfect position, there was not one person in this room who does not seem to be enjoying themselves.

They were the first band I saw away from the mainstage. Walking down the stairs of Verve Bar there was literally no where to stand other than on the stairs, the boys had drawn in quite the crowd. Obviously I have known about this four-piece for a while now having previously reviewed their debut EP when approached by the band back in February but this was the first time I have been able to see them live and I was in complete awe. They were the most rip-roaring band I saw all day. I feel like if I had discovered them at Kazoopa Fest, my feeling of being in awe would have been accentuated even further. They were definitely my band of the day for Kazoopa Festival 2016.
I experienced great difficultly on how to word my thoughts on this band because it easy to say 'they have an incredible passion and energy' but I actually am not sure that I have ever seen a band with the ardour and spirit when playing live that this band have, best shown by front-man Jack due to his lack of an instrument and therefore ability to freely move and jump around as he pleases this is very much reciprocated by the rest of the band. They are most definitely one of the liveliest bands I have ever seen.
With guitarist Chris and bassist Tom thrusting themselves around the stage as they provided the necessary riffs and licks while Harry and his flailing arms provided the beat for the rest of the boys as he plays the often overlooked main strength / essential backbone of the band, the boys of Cabezudos made sure their show was nothing short of a spectacle for every single individual in that room.
The boys in the band - photo credit to Paul Cartwright
This band were announced for this festival much later on than the rest of the acts and for me it was the one last announcement that solidified me definitely attending the festival, particularly due to the fact that they had just played two shows which were close (Leeds and Bradford) which I had been unable to attend meaning I managed to see the band for the first time.

Despite the fact that no one likes bands whose music they enjoy going off the radar for a bit, Cabezudos recently did this and I feel like this was an excellent choice. I thought this band were brilliant beforehand and I had only listened to their debut EP and when listening to their latest single I can tell that there has definitely been a lot of progression which has occurred for these boys.
I read bassist Tom say that they had 'practised and practised' during this short hiatus as well as that they had the opportunity to spend more time together and it appears he quickly saw a definitive difference due to saying the gigging break was 'starting to pay off'. Although I heard amazing things about these boys before I saw them live, their performance at Kazoopa was polished, almost to perfection and you can tell just how much this band did practise while they were staying away from gigging.
It is already quite clear but I was not in the slightest bit disappointed by what I saw. They're live show was everything I expected and more and they truly should feel very happy about where they are at (but not comfortable). They exceeded all of my expectations.

As well as them putting on an astonishing show musically, they have a real chemistry which you can see by the way they come together during their set - despite finding each other through perhaps unorthodox situations such as the one where they found themselves meeting bassist Tom.
They are a rather distinguished band with a look which perfectly compliments the music they produce.

I will definitely be seeing them live again at the next opportunity I am given and if you have never seen Cabezudos before then I recommend you keep checking their social media for gig dates and get down to one.

 Written by Sophie.

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