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SUSTINERE playing live - photo credit to Marcia Kilroy-Brown
After configuring and re-inventing the concept of normality in rock music to something that felt right SUSTINERE finally released their debut EP on 11th November.
They have had a successful run of shows which has allowed them to collate their individual musical talents to create a growing fanbase.
This Chester based two-piece consisting of Rob Jones (vocalist & guitarist) and Mike Pearce (drummer) released their debut single back in May. This track got them their first radio recognition which includes plays from Adam Walton of BBC Introducing Wales. Since then, Walton has also played the bands' track 'You' on his show.
'Sustinere EP' which is made up of four carefully-constructed, bitterly cynical tracks that encapsulate the raucous nature of their songwriting was produced at Orange Recording Studios in North Wales with a producer who they met through the industry circuit after which, said producer jumped at the chance to work with the duo.

EP Artwork
 This EP is one which is overall quite a contrast due to the differences in songs. In parts the instrumentals are quite harsh but the vocals of Rob are quite soft.
The EP it kicked off by previously released 'Sorry'. This track is one presents both sounds of the EP, but it also allows Rob to become a little more rocky sounding. It is easy to tell why this was the debut single of the band after listening to it, taking influence from other two-pieces like Royal Blood and Drenge this band work as well as they do. Upon listening to this track you would not think it was just two people playing and that for me is excellent, they together master the typical four-piece band sound minus the bass.
'You' comes next, this track begins quite heavy and ends in the same way but has a middle section in which there is some calmness which comes out more in the final song of this EP. The raucous nature of this song is one which shows best how they would be live I feel, I imagine they would put on quite a lively show and are a band which have quite a good stage presence.
The next song 'Do You Want Me To?' the rockiest sounding of the EP and this is purely down to the instrumentals, the riffs in this song are the best of the EP and the drumming is the most powerful sounding, for me anyway. There is a decrease in the amount of vocals featuring on the track and this gives the main focus to the instrumentals and I think this is probably why this track is my favourite one on the release.
 The last song of the EP is 'If You Go' this track is definitely the most mellow. Still with rocky undertones this track eventually gets to a more harsher sound. This song for me definitely brings their two influences, Manchester Orchestra and Royal Blood together in a brilliant way. With differing tempos throughout 'If You Go' was the best choice to be the last song and therefore the song to bring the EP together.
 The whole EP has been well constructed and this is something that would make you think this EP wasn't a debut release if you didn't already know.
You can listen to the EP for yourself here (and I recommend that you do):

I also recommend that if you like the EP that you keep an eye out for live dates for this duo as although I haven't seen them live myself I can anticipate there will be no disappointments.
 Written by Sophie.

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