Wednesday, 25 January 2017


THE BLACK JACKALS - photo credit to John Latham
THE BLACK JACKALS are a Liverpudlian four piece.
Last year on 18th November, the quartet who take influence from the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Who released their debut single 'Demons' on Sound-Hub Records.
Comprised of Shaun Gallagher (vocalist), Martin Clintworth (guitarist), Stephen DeSilva (bassist) and Mark Swift (drummer) The Black Jackals was born 'out of a mutual vote for music' the hope of bringing their 'music to a rock 'n' roll gig loving audience' and born to inject a little bit of belief that there are still bands honing the heydays of all that's good from rock 'n' roll era's past.'

Demons - photo credits to John Latham.

 'Demons' instantly has a heavy feel to it and this is something which remains throughout the song.
It is quite apparent which era of rock 'n' roll this band take their influence from the instrumentals of this song.
Within this track, I believe it is the vocals which allow The Black Jackals to put they're own spin on the sound they produce instrumentally by way of putting a modern twist into it and this means the song doesn't sound dated which this something that could definitely have happened due to the Led Zeppelin and The Who influences.
My favourite part of this song definitely has to be the instrumental section towards the end due to the riff it contains. This is something which I am finding that I like very much at the moment.
Since being asked by The Black Jackals to review this track I have followed them on their social medias and I have seen multiply reviews of 'Demons' and all of them have been excellent so clearly I am not the only one who likes this track a lot.
You can listen to the track for yourself alongside it's video here:
 Written by Sophie.

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