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HOWLAND - photo credit to the relevant individual
From left to right Jake, Tyler, and Lee
HOWLAND are a Brighton based three-piece.
Compromised of Tyler Adams (vocalist and guitarist), Lee Vincent (guitarist) and Jake Saunders (drummer) this trio recently released their single 'No Way' which follows on from their initial release - 'Hide'.
With 'Hide' having amassed over 16,000 Spotify plays you can tell that it was hugely successful for the band and I feel like 'No Way' will follow in the footsteps of it.

After being approached by the band who requested a review of the track, here it is!

Artwork for the track
This tracks vocals at the start are quite refreshing due to them sounding like a completely different person to the vocalist of 'Hide'. However, as the first chorus comes the vocalist that people loved last time returns.
As the tempo of the song picks up the vocals become heavier as all the instruments get harder in their sounds.
Until the wonderful riff leads us into the end of the song, it is very vocal based.
It ends with pretty strong instrumentals and this is something which for me rounds the song off well and makes it my favourite release out of the two they have now released.

This track is one which has made me glad that the boys of HOWLAND sent me the email as they have given me another band which I very much like and a band to keep an eye out for throughout this year as I am sure that this band will progress much further than they already have by the end of 2017.
If you listened to 'Hide' by HOWLAND and liked it I definitely recommend you listen to 'No Way'. If you didn't listen to it, now is your time after you've listened to 'No Way'. You can listen to the song below:
 The boys have got a few gig dates under their belt to accompany the release during which they will be playing cities that they never have done before. You can catch the boys of HOWLAND at the following venues on the following dates:
The Hope & Ruin (Brighton) - 21st February
The Finsbury (London) - 23rd February
The Stag & Hounds (Bristol) - 2nd March
The Joiners (Southampton) - 4th March
Verve Bar (Leeds) - 11th March
The Dog & Whistle (Hertford) - 16th March
Written by Sophie

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