Thursday, 12 January 2017


PALMES - photo credit to Alex Hirst
From left to right - Callum, Ryan and Ash

PALMES are a three-piece synth-pop band from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Made up of Ryan Smith (vocalist and guitarist), Ash Howarth (vocalist and bassist) and Callum Taylor (drummer) this band originally came together at a young age under the name 'Pin Stripe'.
After they decided to 'shake things up' particularly in terms of their genre, they formed Palmes.
Recently they released their latest single 'T.V.'
Artwork for the single
Throughout this song the boys of Palmes definitely achieve the pop sound they wish to.
There is so much strength throughout this track in terms of their synth sound.
It is one which for me perfectly summarises Palmes' and exactly what they are about in terms of the music they produce.
The synth-pop sound is added to by the vocals due to the style in which Ryan and Ash sing. The instrumentals give the song a more alternative vibe about it.
Before the start of the blog I had never really experienced any kind of synth-pop music but I have now experienced a few and I have to say that Palmes are one of my favourites of this genre. I originally thought this when I heard another of their tracks - 'Oslo' but hearing 'T.V.' solidified this for me.
It is easy listening and the majority of the music I listen to isn't really so it makes for a very nice change.

Upcoming gigs of Palmes
Written by Sophie.

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