Saturday, 14 January 2017

A REVIEW OF SCRATCH BUFFALO' LATEST TRACK 'Girls in the Back Row' - 14/01/2017

SCRATCH BUFFALO are a Canadian bluesy, indie-rock trio.
Consisting of Chris Naish (vocalist and guitarist), Scott Wildeman (bassist and backing vocalist) and Mark Straub (drummer) this band was formed by front-man Naish following his career as a successful solo artist during which his self-released albums led to media spotlight via television, radio and print outlets.
The band released their debut album 'Wanna Know The Secret' back in April of last year and now return with latest track 'Girls in the Back Row'.

SCRATCH BUFFALO - photo credit to the relevant individual.
When I received with this track the band described it as a ‘scrappy, power-pop-ish tune’. This is something I definitely agree with the rawness of the vocals of frontman.

The scrappy sound of guitars works particularly well with the rawness of the vocals of frontman.
The pop side of the song comes out more at the sections of the songs which are softer than the majority of the track but despite this there is still strength in terms of the instrumentals.

It doesn’t take long until the heaviness returns to this song.
There is a lot of power present throughout this song and that is something which really was expected following their debut album. It is obvious that this band know through experience what works for them and it is something which I'm sure works for others too and gets people, like myself listening to them.

 I am glad this track is one which I very much like due to me having liked their previous album a considerable amount.

You can listen to the track here:

Written by Sophie.

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