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A REVIEW OF 'Trampoline' BY CASEY LOWRY - 24/01/2017

CASEY LOWRY - photo credit to Tarquin Clark

 CASEY LOWRY is a self-managed singer / songwriter from Chesterfield.
Having his music previously described as 'sparkling indie-pop at it's finest' by The Indiependent it's hardly surprising that nineteen year old Casey has captivated audiences all around the UK.
With that said however, he hasn't yet released any music but despite that has managed to sell out venues around the country by way of word of mouth ticket sales, helped by the fans he has gained through supporting the likes of Coasts, The Hunna and The Sherlocks.
Lowry has uptaken an organic DIY approach of getting his name known and it has definitely paid off for him based directly on his ability to sell-out his shows without having any music actually released.
Now 2017 is upon on us, so is the release of Casey's debut single 'Trampoline' which will be released alongside a music video next month (27th February). I was lucky enough to get to listen to the official recording of this track ahead of it's release to preview it way of this review after I had missed catching it when it received its first radio play courtesy of BBC Introducing East Midlands.

Performing live - photo credit to Jordan Grant
 I was very happy to hear of a song by Casey Lowry being released nevermind actually getting to listen to it because I have heard great things of his live shows and songs alike but with this being his debut release and me not yet having had the opportunity of seeing him live I had never actually heard any of his music.
When I first listened to the trailer for the music video of which some of the track can be heard on, I definitely wasn't disappointed by what I heard.
After listening to the little snippet of the track I had been left even more eager to hear the full thing. Now I have heard the entire song and listened to it well over 20 times I can tell exactly why Casey Lowry has built up the sizable fan base he has. Some songs can become quite annoying after listening to them the amount of times I have listened to 'Trampoline' over the course of the past 2 days, this song isn't one of them.
It is exactly as The Indiependent said, 'sparkling indie-pop at it's finest'.
Throughout the entirety of the 'Trampoline', the power in his voice is hard not to pick up on. This is something which for me I feel like is something which is only accentuated even further in his live shows.
This song is one which makes you simultaneously both happy and sad at the same time. It is upbeat and happy sounding in terms of the instrumentals and at points in the chorus, Casey's voice is also. However, the lyrics don't always give off the same cheery vibe.
There is a lot of different things being experienced in the song and none of which are ones which make people feel pleasant - particularly striking are the lines 'we'll spend the night together, just you and me. Holding onto something that we thought was real' because to me this signifies a relationship which is breaking down and those in it are realising that actually it wasn't what they thought which is a rather saddening prospect, especially if like those in the song you have been together for 3 years or more.
The sadness in the lyrics and the cheeriness in the instrumentals is something which I feel is definitely going to be accurately reflected in the video due to the trailer because of the environment which we see the most of. With this said there are bits where Casey is back indoors, he seems to be considerably happier during these parts and is almost smiling.
 As a whole, Trampoline is a song I really like. Casey has incorporated the world's of pop and indie together so well through 'Trampoline'. It is catchy and makes you feel a certain sense of happiness but it's meaningful and is one which I hope people properly listen to the lyrics of as I feel that people who are around a similar age to Casey, like myself may well find it to be a relatable song because of the story / process which is being sang about.
Ahead of the release of 'Trampoline', Casey Lowry shall be heading off on a UK tour. You can see the dates for said tour below:
You can buy your tickets for; Sheffield and Nottingham here, Bristol and Liverpool here, Glasgow here and all three of the other shows (Matlock, London and Hertford) are free entry.
Written by Sophie Arnold.

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