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A REVIEW OF 'Two Apart' FROM MOSLEY BAR - 23/01/2016

MOSLEY BAR - photo credit to the relevant individual
From left to right - Tim, Adam, Matthew and Ryan

MOSLEY BAR are an indie four-piece from Skelmersdale in the North of England who formed back in July 2015.

Consisting of Ryan Ward (vocalist and guitarist), Adam Ecceleston (lead guitarist), Tim Williams (bassist) and Matthew Wright (drummer) this quartet who have been described as 'a band well versed in the art of mainstream indie / pop rock with catchy hooks and driven drum and bass but their intricately layered tracks have got an individualism that sets their sound apart, giving them an identity of their own' released their debut single 'Record Sleeve' back in October 2015.

This track was then featured on their debut EP 'Another Record Sleeve' which was released in April of 2016. Prior to this release Mosley Bar had received nationwide airplay on BBC 6 Music, ten local BBC Introducing plays as well as playing the BBC Introducing Stage in Preston for BBC Radio Lancashire in January 2016.

More recently the band went back to 'The Motor Museum Studios' in Liverpool to record four tracks which are set to be released early this year. One of which you can expect on the 30th January.

Straight from the off, for me the most prominent thing was most definitely the accent of the frontman Ryan which is something you can't always pick up on while listening to a song.

With the vocals and the drums providing the pop aspect and the guitar bringing the rock sound this song is one which I feel everyone who listens to Mosley Bar following today should listen to because it perfectly achieves the sound which the band aim for.

It is a track which expect will get rather a lot of radio play just like their previous single release.

The song is rather feel good due to its upbeat nature and this is the main reason as to why I like it and therefore I am glad I have had the chance to enjoy the song prior to its release to allow me to write this review.

It is one which I can imagine gets people dancing at the gigs of Mosley Bar, particularly due to the fact that it is one which has had me dancing around my bedroom.

It definitely bridges the worlds of pop and indie well and the boys of the band should be rather proud of this.

I am looking forward to see the reaction this song gets from those who are already fans of the band and I hope that the band extend their fanbase off the back of 'Two Apart'.

Written by Sophie.

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