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From left to right - Louis, Harry, Nick and Alex
 THE RECEIVERS are an indie-rock outfit from York.
This four-piece compromised of Nick Aldous (vocalist and guitarist), Alex Higginson (lead guitarist and vocalist), Harry Stables (bassist and backing vocalist) and Louis Bristowe (drummer) recently played at one of my local venues - Social Bar (Doncaster).

Following this gig I was able to do an interview with the band!  

Live at Social Bar, Doncaster
 How did you all first meet?

All: Well we started as a different band. We all met through school except for Louis. Nick put a "drummer available" ad in a window and Louis instantly responded, thankfully he was up for starting the band. We originally had a different bass player but he had to unfortunately leave so Nick got Harry in as Nick and him used to be in a band together. he was up for it, now here we are!

When was it that you all first realised music was something you wanted to pursue?

Nick: 'Can't really remember, I've always loved music but I think it was around year 9 I realised how much I like it. And in the summer before I started college I picked up a guitar and just fell in love with it. I was addicted, I was the annoying guy that kept uploading shit guitar covers on Instagram.'
Harry: 'The first time I got into music was went I was at primary school and I went to my sisters music class, the teacher was showing off different instruments to everyone, but as soon as he started playing the piano I knew I wanted to play piano, I started lessons at school but eventually getting bored of them and not playing an instrument for about 2 years until I went to secondary school where we were made to play the piano/keyboard this made me realise how much I actually loved playing it so since then I started playing a lot more and developed a passion for it, then I decided to learn guitar, my dad had an old guitar that i used and ever since then I have had a big passion for music but until joining this band I had never really done anything to pursue it properly.'
Louis: 'I was 12 i think and I got an electric drum kit for Christmas and ever since I've been hooked.'
Alex: 'Since D.O.B.!'
Where did the name 'The Receivers' come from?
Nick: 'I got it from A line from a song by The Coral, "I'm the connector, you're the receiver". It just sounds quite classic and retro.'
Who are your all time favourite bands & artists?
Nick: 'The Cribs, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Sonic Youth are my top 4. But recently I've been listening to and drawing inspiration from Blossoms, The Coral, DMA's, Courtney Barnett and Oasis quite a bit.'
Harry: 'My favourite band ever are Muse, they're a band I got into around year 10 and I've loved everything since but I used to really love the Beatles before I got into Muse.'

Louis: 'Metallica, Green Day, Eminem.'
Alex: 'I listen to a lot of Interpol, as-well as techno and Scottish folk music (not even kidding).'

Out of all the up and coming bands & artists out there, who are The Receivers listening to?
Nick: 'I still can't understand why Kid Wave aren't huge, they're a sick indie pop/rock band that I've seen a couple of times. Their album, Wanderlust is a must for any Wolf Alice/Peace fan.'
Louis: 'The 1975 lol.'

Harry: 'Personally I don't listen to a lot of up coming bands, I'm more into older music.'
Alex: 'The Receivers.'

You seem to have a fair few gigs already booked in for the start of this year, how are you all feeling about that?
Nick: 'Yeah, we love gigging. I'd play anywhere aslong as somebody is watching. I've always found it hard to get gigs even in my local area, let alone the rest of the country but it's nice to know people have faith in us and want us to come and play!''
Harry: 'Yeah! Very excited about playing them and getting to visit places that I normally wouldn't, I had my first ever gig while starting this band so I'm very new to it all but so far loving it and can't wait for future gigs.'
Louis: 'It looks to be our year!'
Alex: 'I think it's sound, get bare time off work, no need to pull sickies.'
When can we expect some music to be released by you?
All: 'Soon, we're just sorting out when and what we want to release. We've got a nice launch gig booked though so you can expect something in a month or 2.'
Where in the world do you want to gig the most?
Alex: 'I'd love to go to America, that's my ultimate hope. Particularly SXSW! That festival looks insane! But in all honesty, I'd love to play at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds and Castlefield Bowl in Manchester, 2 of my favourite venues. I don't know, it's more venues than countries, I just want to play to as many people as possible.'
Harry: ' I don't really have a preference, I would love to see America and Japan because of the culture and I would love to see the sights so I think they would be the places I would love to preform the most.'
Louis: 'Blackpool Tower.'
Alex: 'Amsterdam Paradiso, I saw Interpol play there and it was sick. It was a YouTube stream, but still sick.'
In terms of the band, what is something you all want to fulfil?
All: 'We'd all just love to do this full time and write songs that mean something to people, you see people on Twitter say things like "Fluorescent Adolescent is always gonna be my song" it'd be cool to see that someone thought that about something we wrote.'
Alex: 'Yeah I love cracking on with band, aswell as my upcoming house and techno night in York called CÆV!'
So we're now in 2017, what can we expect from The Receivers throughout the next few months?
All: 'A lot of shows in a lot of places at the least. Who knows? We all believe that this is our year to really get things going.'
You can see The Receivers at the following dates:
West Street Live (Sheffield) - 2nd February
Dusk (York) - 24th February
Fibbers (York) - 3rd March
Written by Sophie.

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