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From left to right - Eddie, Joe, Kai and George
CARNIVAL CLUB are a Mancunian quartet who I first had the pleasure of seeing just over two weeks ago when they played one of my local venues, The Leopard.
At this gig I was able to catch a quick interview with them ahead of their set (you can watch said interview here) and upon spending this time with the boys on the band I was able to get to know them a little bit and get an insight into the band which alongside their set showed me that Kai Roberts (lead vocalist and guitarist), Eddie Moxon (lead guitarist and backing vocalist), George Peel (bassist) and Joe Lodge (drummer) are as much full of life and sass off stage as they are on.
This was proven to definitely be true as last Friday they took to the stage of Jimmy's in Manchester for This Feeling alongside fellow Manchester based bands Saytr Play and The Blinders.
The boys of the band at The Leopard, Doncaster.
On the night they were the first band on and this brought some worries of not many people being n the audience for their set. However, this wasn't the case and this is something which I feel definitely pleased the boys, particularly frontman Kai as he had been sat backstage and therefore hadn't seen the venue filling up.
This for me showed that there is quite a buzz forming about these boys and some lucky individuals in Manchester were taking full advantage of them playing there.
This was actively portrayed in their performance as although they performed brilliantly the first time I saw them, there was something different about this set. They more than upped their game.
Since I started this music blog and I started to get introduced to a lot of bands on a daily basis I began to feel like it is definitely harder to get excited over a band's music and their live show as they have to be something different and must have something which sets them apart. This is exactly why I have seen Carnival Club live twice in the space of just over two weeks and shall seize every future opportunity I get to see them live.
With their distinguished on-stage bravado and youthful confidence being shown throughout every single second of their performance their live show is truly culminating.
One thing which resonated with me following this performance was the fact that half way through Eddie had a slight technical difficulty during which one of his guitar strings snapped and there are two reasons for this. There wasn't a fuss at all, people in the back of the venue probably didn't even know what had happened as he very quickly swapped to his spare.
The second reason is that immediately, Kai, who had swapped to another guitar mid performance offered the guitar he knew full well he needed to play again to Eddie for me this was something which confirmed the camaraderie which I picked on between these boys when I first saw them.
I feel both of these things are not something which you would see within other bands and at that point of the snapped guitar string their set would have been cut short.
Video for the bands track 'House of Cards'.

Kai doesn't have a guitar in hand for every song and although he moves around a large amount during the majority of their songs this gives him even more freedom to move around and dance as well as accentuate the use of the hips that don't lie.

During one of the songs of this show Kai spoke of Eddie as a specific riff was about to be played and this brought particular attention to the intelligent instrumentals in this track and the talent of the guitarist himself.

There wasn't a moment that this band aren't being animated, even when there was a break between songs. This was best demonstrated by drummer, Joe as he continually spins his drumsticks around his hands or into the air he always seems to be itching to began playing once more.

Bassist George is one who I found to often be smiling at either the audience or the others in the band and this makes it look like he is genuinely enjoying exactly what he is doing. I feel this is something which has made me enjoy the sets of these which I have seen more.

As the boys set went on it became apparent that many of the individuals in the audience were there close friends which was lovely to see as last time I saw them they had family members with them. They are clearly and rightfully so getting a lot of support from those closest to them.
These boys are full of vigour and alongside their euphoric sound it is most definitely hard not to be left fascinated by them.

If you haven't already seen the boys of this band I definitely recommend that you do. You can catch the boys of Carnival Club on the following dates:

2nd March at Half Moon Putney, London.
4th March at The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe.
18th March at Jimmy's, Manchester alongside The Twisted Dolls, Cavana and Crimsons.
Written by Sophie.

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