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A REVIEW OF 'Closer' FROM EDUCATED RISK - 21/02/2017

EDUCATED RISK playing live.

EDUCATED RISK are a five-piece Manchester based indie-rock outfit who recently released their latest single 'Closer'.

Compromised of Adam Maxwell (vocalist), Jack Abbott (rhythm guitarist), Ben Squires (lead guitarist), Ben Kirkland (bassist) and Mike Wilcock (drummer) this band spent the majority of their time towards the end of last year writing and recording their debut EP 'Rewind'. Following the release of their latest single 'Closer' the band have begun writing new songs which are set to make up their next EP.
On top of this, they have also released a compilation of their four latest songs in the form of demos.
Performing live.
I was apprehensive upon first listening to Educated Risk as I had received their email requesting a review before this had taken place, the email which read they were a young band of '16/17 year olds' and this for me despite the fact it stated they had been playing together made me a feel a little sceptical due to bands who are together at that age don't tend to have it together and they are usually in the first or second band of a few they shall be in.
As I listened to 'Closer' however, I was rather pleasantly surprised. Those years spent playing and writing together, have clearly been put to excellent use and they have been able during this time to discover the sound which works for them.
The vocals of lead vocalist Adam are some of my favourite that I've recently discovered due to how raw they are, his Mancunian accent comes through so clearly throughout.

This track is filled with catchy riffs and lustrous hooks which provide promise for the future of Educated Risk.
Following listening to this single I gave EP 'Vacant' a listen and upon doing so I realised that I very much liked it and that the single is considerably more defined than the EP in terms of the vocals. This almost shows that they have changed in a very small amount of time and therefore I feel they will definitely be a band who have a different sound on each release they make which for those who follow these boys throughout their career feel constantly refreshed when they get to hear a new single, EP or album.

I am very much looking forward to hearing the second EP from this band and to hopefully see them live soon as I feel they would be a band in which all that I have found I like about them shall just be accentuated by way of their live show.
You can listen to 'Closer' here:

Written by Sophie.

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