Wednesday, 8 February 2017


THE HILOS at Social Bar, Doncaster
THE HILOS are a four-piece indie-pop / rock band from Horncastle in Lincolnshire.

Consisting of David Jones (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist), Mike Jones (lead guitarist and backing vocalist), Owen Walker (bassist and backing vocalist) and Jake Harris (drummer) this band played Social Bar in Doncaster last night.


The boys of this band are definitely not shy of being loud by way of both their instrumentals and vocals.

Their set was compromised mainly of originals however they did also throw in a cover of Catfish and the Bottlemen's song 'Pacifier'. When non-cover bands do carry out covers I feel like it is essential for them to put their own kind of spin on the track and with The Hilos being considerably heavier than Catfish and the Bottlemen, I would say that they definitely managed just that as they incorporated a more 'punky' sound into this once quite calm song - calm in comparison to this version anyway.

If the venue in which they were playing in had been a little busier than it as then I feel like the calm section in the middle of their song 'Getting Nowhere' would have been as lively and crowd involved as they wished when members proceeded to clap - something which as they grow and develop a fanbase thus playing to larger audiences will definitely go down well.

From what I can tell from me watching this live performance the boy definitely have discovered a style which works for them which is filled with heavy drums beats, great guitar riffs and fab basslines.

Something which is so apparent is that is that this band are going to be perfect on a big stage with a large audience due to the movements which they make during their performance and their crowd interactions.

On the 10th March, they will be releasing their debut EP and this gig is one which has left me with a certain anticipation to hear the songs I last night heard live in a recorded format.

Written by Sophie.

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