Wednesday, 8 February 2017


THE REPRESSION at Doncaster's Social Bar
THE REPRESSION are a three-piece punk-rock outfit who last night took to the stage of Social Bar, Doncaster.

Compromised of Brad Cadman (vocalist and guitarist), Cameron Vardy (vocalist and bassist) and Callum Charlesworth (drummer) this Nottinghamshire based trio definitely put on a show, particularly Brad who remains the most animated throughout.

This band have a 'don't care' attitude which creates a contrast due to their effort filled instrumentals which are definitely showcased more than the vocals during their set as they portray their self proclaimed 'punk-rock' sound.
I was told before the gig that this performance would be Cameron's first live show playing the bass following his singular rehearsal playing it as the band a member. However, if I had not been told this then it isn't something I would have thought of.
Looking around the room, although it wasn't greatly busy, there wasn't one person who wasn't watching the band throughout their entire set.
Their cover of Elvis Costello's 'Pump It Up' which got the crowd feeling a little more animated whether it be by moving their feet or the nodding of heads. One thing that made this cover as good as it was, was the fact that they made it their own.
They were definitely the right choice to have on as the headliners as them putting on quite the convivial event with mic stands falling of the stage, band members constantly moving and even rolling around the stage.
There is something captivating about this band's live performance and for me that is directly due to the fact that although it seems like they don't care and say / do what they want while on stage, at the same time it is clear the effort that has gone into the writing of their songs.
They are a band I would definitely see again as I feel as they progress they are only going to get better in terms of their live performance as they come into their own a bit more. It is fair to say this band are one which I will be keeping an eye on.
Written by Sophie.

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