Thursday, 23 March 2017


From left to right - Sam, Lucas & Adam

CRIMSONS are a three-piece Manchester based band consisting of Sam Cartwright (lead vocalist & guitarist), Lucas Berry (bassist & backing vocalist) and Adam Kenny (drummer) who last Tuesday took to the stage of Social Bar, Doncaster as they made their Donny debut and well.... what a debut it was!

Second on inbetween Manukas and The Settees, this trio were astounding. I have been going to Social Bar consistently over the past two years and consequently have seen many bands there but it is safe to say that Crimsons are one of the best acts I have seen grace that stage.

Wearing their name as if it was an emblem, Lucas and Adam, headed to the stage endowed their in crimson velvet and satin shirts.

Despite them only being together as this line-up and under the name Crimsons for about a year, these boys seem to have truly overcome something that drummer, Adam, stated during my interview with them (watch here) felt was one of the biggest challenges facing up and coming bands in current day - ''solidifying their sound.''

Not only did they maintain a smooth running performance, it was distinguished and polished. Not to mention intoxicating as their psychedelic vibes filled the room. 

The boys of the band at Social Bar, Doncaster
There is an extraordinary sense of character beholden to Crimsons and it radiates from them the minute they walk into the room by way of their clothing and this is something which gets stronger the second they step on that stage.

Throughout their performance I couldn't help but notice the fact that although he is near enough constantly playing guitar, his guitar spends much time away from the usual position. Sam alternates from it being strapped to him, to it resting on him with the neck facing the crowd to it even at times being behind him with the occasional bringing to his face during which time he begins playing with his teeth.

With Adam's incredibly strong presence by way of his drumming style and Lucas' stage presence as he walks back and forth while deliversingwonderful basslines as well as this style of playing from Sam their stage presence is something to be admired.

Social Bar made sure that these boys didn't leave thirsty but that is exactly what they left me feeling like due to their sensational performance. I left desperate to witness it again sometime very soon and I recommend that others definitely go to a show of theirs when they can.

Written by Sophie.

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