Thursday, 23 March 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Anatomy EP' FROM INDIGO MOON - 23/03/2017

From left to right - Hannah, Brad, Ash, Adam and Lisa
INDIGO MOON are a Liverpudlian based quintet.
Compromised of Ash Colley (vocalist), Adam Dixon (guitarist, synth & backing vocalist), Brad Malbon (guitarist & backing vocalist), Hannah Lodge (bassist) and Lisa Fawcett (drummer) this five piece just today hit hard with their second EP 'Anatomy' which follows the bands debut self-titled EP.
'Anatomy' EP shall be followed by the first ever Indigo Moon music video for track 'XIN' and an EP release show on 30th March at Hus (Liverpool) where support will come from Seawitches and Patchwork Guilt and tickets shall be available on the door for the tiny sum of just £3.
Live at FESTEVOL 2016
This three-track long release begins with 'Pieces' which instantly showed me that this EP was going to be quite the synth filled extravaganza - this couldn't have been more true. I mean don't get me wrong, the other instrumentals are just as present but the synth is what I feel finishes all of these tracks off nicely.

One other thing that I quickly picked up on is the power behind frontwoman Ash Colley's voice and this something which definitely (above all else) makes me really want to see this band live as I feel like this is something which will be reciprocated and accentuated via their live show. It is something which reasonates throughout the EP and has a definitive dexterous nature to it. The instrumentals throughout all three tracks are perfectly matched to the vocals going from fierce to mellow whenever necessary.

Next up on the EP is 'Circulation' and this song is one which brings out more of the psychedelic sound behind this band which is brought out even more in 'XIN'.

For me, this EP has come at exactly the right time.

Recently I have only been listening to only male fronted bands or bands containing just males and although Indigo Moon has males in and provides a rocky psychedelic sound which is quite similar to the other bands in certain ways, there is something very refreshing about this new release and the band in general.

The differentiation of heavy and calm between the songs makes for a great mix to ensure no two songs maintain an extremely similar sound without them being too different.

After also listening to the bands first EP, although there is a clear progression between the two releases, it is clear that this band have got their sound solidified and they are building on this in an increasingly successful way.

Following this release, this band are one which I will definitely be keeping a close eye on as they progress through 2017 and beyond as I hope as time goes on they are a band that I only begin to like more and more.

Written by Sophie

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