Thursday, 30 March 2017

A REVIEW OF 'The Future is Close Enough' FROM TYPES - 30/03/2017

From left to right - Ben, Dean and Adam
TYPES are a Manchester based trio consisting of Adam Walsh (vocalist), Dean Glover (guitarist) and Ben Robinson (drummer).

Just released by this three-piece is their mini-album / EP 'The Future is Close Enough.'

It is an ambient, modern spin on post-punk which has been labelled by another as 'post-post-punk.'

This EP is keeping in line with the current political anti-establishment stance coming out of Manchester in the form of bands like Cabbage and The Blinders. Despite that, this band look at it from a more over-commercialised perspective as well as it containing mostly optimistic and positive messages rather than just an all out 'f*** the establishment.'
This 8 track release takes influence from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, New Order as well as the likes of Interpol, Diiv, The Chameleons - something which is easy to pick from right from the off due to the guitar sounding considerably synth-y throughout this EP and blending with the drums and the synth itself extremely well. 
The instrumentals go perfectly with the positivity present within each song.
Although the topics discussed in these songs are quite dark, the instrumentals make these songs considerably easy listening - to a certain degree. The lyrics however bring a darker side out but not one which don't make you feel there is some positivity intertwined within the issues being discussed.
This trio bring together the world of post-punk with that of electronic and they do so well and it is just as they describe it, ambient and modern.
I love bands such as The Blinders and Cabbage and what they stand for and so now I am glad I have also discovered Types, they are also standing up for what they feel is important but they have something refreshing about them while doing so purely down to the instrumentals due to them not being as heavy in comparison to the others.
I hadn't heard of Types before I received an email from guitarist, Dean, whom had been told to get in touch with me and did so with the EP before its release. Although this review has been a long time coming I very much liked this EP from first listen.
With all these tracks having a considerably different sound it is quite difficult to chose a favourite from it but one thing I do think is interesting is the introduction of a piano in some of the songs, it brings a calmness along with it even though.

This is a band which I feel would be interesting to see live.
You can listen to the EP here:

 Written by Sophie.

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