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A REVIEW OF 'Rare Copies EP' FROM WAX AGE - 01/03/2017

WAX AGE - photo credit to Handwritten Photography
From left to right - James, Luke, Chris and Dan.
WAX AGE are a four-piece slacker-pop band from the suburbs of Epsom.

The band who formed back in the Spring of 2015 consists of Luke Giles (vocalist and guitarist), Dan Sampayo (guitarist), James Throp (bass) and Chris Syder (drums).

Back in 2016 the band released songs 'If You See Me Standing There, Don't,' 'Found You' and 'Forget' as well as played many gigs both in and outside of London.

 Now we are in 2017 and they have kicked off the year by releasing their debut EP 'Rare Copies' which features previously released track 'Forget' as well as; 'Daisy,' 'Cold Bones' and 'Mindless'
Slacker-pop style guitar playing and masses of synth are maintained throughout each song on this EP but something which has allowed this band to stray away from the typical slacker-pop ideology is the heaviness of the basslines, drumming and vocalist Luke's voice. 
The heaviest and my favourite out of all four songs is definitely 'Cold Bones.'
These songs are ones which work but in quite an unconventional way due to them essentially merging slacker-pop with quite a dark and heavy sound which isn't something that should really work but it is something which Wax Age have made work in the form of 'Rare Copies EP.'
They have most definitely grown as a band in the running to writing this EP as it is considerably different to the first track of theirs I heard 'If You See Me Standing There, Don't.'

I am very happy that despite this distinctive change these boys have stuck with their primary 'easy breezy slacker-pop' sound as this what I liked very much about them originally, now made slightly more interesting due to the change in direction in which they have definitely brought out more of the 'rock' side to themselves.

If either slacker-pop or indie-rock is a genre you like I definitely recommend these boys to you.
You can listen to the EP for yourself here:

 Written by Sophie.

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