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On Saturday night, I attended the second date of JUDAS' mini Double Denim Live tour at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield.
Double Denim Live are a Leeds based promotions company who are committed to bringing the very best undiscovered artists from around the UK and beyond.
Hosting Rock 'n' Roll club nights in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bradford, Huddersfield and Liverpool as well as putting on their own festival 'Kazoopa Fest' this organisation was one that was described by Gigslutz as 'giving the nation's new music a future'.
They have been one which have introduced me to multiple wonderful up and coming bands, one of them being the a band who were also on Saturday nights bill - the Scottish five-piece, VIDA.
VIDA backstage at The Rocking Chair
From left to right - Jamie Pollock, Craig, Nathan, Greg and Jamie Piggott
Hailing from Alloa (Clackmannanshire), Jamie Pollock (lead vocalist & guitarist), Nathan Evans (lead guitarist & backing vocalist), Craig Scobbie (bassist & backing vocalist), Greg Ballantyne (keyboardist) and Jamie Piggott (drummer & backing vocalist) VIDA are without a doubt some of the loveliest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Since receiving an email requesting a review of their EP 'Masquerade,' they have been a band I have wished to see live as that release was one of my favourite of 2016 and last Saturday was the first chance I've had to do so and I must say, they definitely did not disappoint.
It is no wonder that they have been picked up on by Double Denim Live and were chosen by This Feeling as one of the 'Big in 2017' bands.
From their haircuts, to their clothing, to the style of their music these boys have definitely spent the last three years mastering VIDA into the band we see today and therefore I can say that all the graft they have put in is definitely paying off and I'm sure they will continue to do just that and it shall continue to pay off as they progress through their musical careers.
As I have previously stated I find it increasingly difficult to get excited over up and coming bands as I get introduced to so many of them these days. In the form of VIDA I can gladly say that I have found another band who doesn't fit into that category and a band I will definitely be following as they embark on their future ventures as a band as these boys are for sure one of the most intriguing that I have discovered in a while.

Live at The Rocking Chair.
 There wasn't a moment throughout their performance that I wasn't captivated whether it was through the canorous vocals, sensational instrumentals or intelligent songcraft.
 Filled with youthful confidence each member adds something unique to this band and together they great audience members with a resplendent performance.
The band finished their set with an absolutely wonderful cover of The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' which I posted a video of on Instagram. The frontman of Adelphi commented on said interview with ''That's serious potential...'' and I cannot help but 100% agree with that statement.
I definitely recommend that if you haven't yet checked this band's music out or seen them live then you do just that when possible.

You can catch them live FOR FREE courtesy of Double Denim Live at Verve Bar, Leeds on Saturday (08/04/2017)!

You can watch my interview with VIDA from Saturday here.
JUDAS backstage at The Rocking Chair
From left to right - Todd, Sam, John and James.
With members originally from both the North and the South of England, the now Camden based band JUDAS are a band who I have now been lucky enough to see three times (the third being Saturday).
It has been six months since I first saw the band consisting of John Clancy (lead vocalist & guitarist), Todd Blackmore (guitarist & backing vocalist), James Phillips (bassist & backing vocalist) and Sam Horvath (drummer) at AMP Fest, also at The Rocking Chair. At which I got my first interview with the band (it can be read here).
Both times I have seen these boys prior to this event I have been more than impressed and last Saturday was no different.
Having three bands on before them meant the crowd were well and truly warmed up as well as pretty animated.
If you read my review of these boys when they played Kazoopa Festival back in November, you will know that although I love their live music - their live performance is my favourite thing about them as it is spirited and their charismatic showmanship shines through.
JUDAS never fail to make me feel completely impelled throughout the entirety of their performance as they are most tantalising.
From start to finish frontman Clancy was the most involved with audience I've seen him particularly when it came to taking a request of 'Call' as they this wasn't going to be a song they played due to wishing to focus on new songs - something which made this to be a refreshing performance.
The ever effervescent Todd and James started they meant to go on as they presented slick guitar riffs and basslines as well as their backing vocals which always seem so effortless.
Live at The Rocking Chair.
Back when I was in school, I used to play the drums and stupidly I gave up to focus on academia. As music has had such massive influence on my life for as long as I can remember, there have always been drummers out there who I've watched who have made me wish I never had and since starting the blog this has also expanded to drummers in up and coming bands.
One of these being Sam Horvath. Everytime I see him live again this feeling never feels to leave. Going from looking vastly content to his arms failing around looking like he's going at about 100mph he is definitely one of my favourite drummers out of up and coming bands and that is something which he reminds me of when watching him perform live.
This band are one in which definitive progressions can be seen from gig to gig and on Saturday they were most definitely on top of their game.

Although it was definitely longer their set on Saturday seemed to last no more than five minutes and this is something I have found I feel like when I have definitely enjoyed a gig - it passes far too quickly.

Big things are coming soon for this band so be sure to check them out sooner rather than later.

You can buy tickets for the rest of the dates of JUDAS' Double Denim Live tour here as well as get tickets for their other events! They also hold events at Verve Bar, Leeds but with these being free entry they are not listed there but can be found on their Facebook.

You can watch my interview from Saturday with the boys of JUDAS here.
Written by Sophie.

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