Friday, 12 May 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Magdalena's Cape' FROM CARNIVAL CLUB - 12/05/2017

EP Artwork featuring George, Kai and Ed.
Today is the day which brought the release of 'Magdalena's Cape,' the five-track long EP from Manchester based band Carnival Club which takes its name from it's fourth track.
Just over a year since forming, Kai Roberts (vocalist & guitarist), Eddie Moxon (lead guitarist & backing vocalist), George Peel (bassist) and Joe Lodge (drummer) comes the debut EP from this Rock 'n' Roll quartet.
I first heard some of these tracks when I saw the boys at The Leopard (Doncaster) and Jimmy's (Manchester) and it was following the initial first time I saw them that I went home and almost immediately pre-ordered the limited edition 12'' vinyl of this release (which I was fortunate enough to receive yesterday) due to how impressed I was with these songs and now I've heard the recorded versions of these track, I know I was definitely right to be impressed and excited about the release of 'Magdelena's Cape'.
A taster of what we could expect from this release was given to us a few months back by way of the EP version of 'House of Cards' which is the first track on it and was one which definitely painted to way for the excellence which was set to follow through the rest of the EP.
Frontman Kai has the kind of voice that resonates with you due to its raw, unique and definitive nature. This voice alongside that of Eddie's and the impeccable instrumental style that these boys have managed to create via 'Magdalena's Cape' demonstrates perfectly that they have most definitely got something truly incredible going on and I for one feel very lucky to be able to experience it from this early stage and be able to see how they progress in the future as I am sure they shall do so and these progressions shall be positive.

There are so many styles and influences running through each of the five songs present on this EP and there is a real sense of euphoria created because of that. It takes you on a ride through multiple genres and decades. There is one thing however which doesn't change and that is the unpresidented power withheld by these boys which comes out in full force by way of their instruments both vocal and none.

When I first met the boys of Carnival Club I interviewed them during which time I was told that Kai's ''hips don't lie''. This is something which came to mind throughout listening to this EP as it is definitely one which shall have people moving their hips while dancing around to it, particularly tonight at their EP launch show which shall take place at Deaf Institute.
Prior to this release, my favourite released song from these boys was 'House of Cards' however a different less aggressive rock version of 'Mistakes, Troubles and Kisses' was also out but just via youtube, at the time I did like this track also but having heard the EP version my love for the song has most definitely increased. However, following this release 'You're So Hostile' is now my definite favourite.
Not only is this track a debut EP release from Carnival Club, it is their actual official debut release (not including the release of the EP version of 'House of Cards') and what a debut release it is - the boys of this band should be fully proud of themselves.
It has provided a whole lot of promise for things to come in the future and I one hundred percent recommend everyone goes to listen to it.
Written by Sophie.

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