Wednesday, 10 May 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Separate Beat' BY IVORY WAVE - 10/05/2017

IVORY WAVE - photo credit to Ollie Wood.
From left to right - Luke, ConnorGeorge, Seb and Rob.
IVORY WAVE are the Birmingham based five-piece who just recently released their third single 'Separate Beat' which was recorded at Vada Studios (Warwickshire) and produced by Matt Terry.
This electro-pop turned psychedelic quintet compromised of George Johnson (vocalist), Connor McMinn (lead guitarist), Luke Morris (bassist), Rob Clarke (keyboardist) and Seb Baldwin (drummer) released their third single last week on 1st May which follows their Kasabian-inspired 'Club' and single 'Paradise'.
The latest single track is considerably heavy in parts due to the instrumentals. When I played 'Separate Beat' for the first time it took me by surprise due to how fast it begins and the level of instrumentals which come in right from the off. They've done very well to combine many sounds in a way which sounds well blended thus in a way that genuinely works.
The heaviness of this song for me is something that after listening to the other two singles released by the band is something which has been a process of progression as they have stepped up on the instrumental heaviness with each release they have given us.
I have seen a couple of people say that this track is perfect for Summer and they are very much correct. It is in fact a perfect song for sunny weather (just like the weather which has been present today - where I live anyway).
Close to the beginning of the song there is a line which struck my attention straight away ''Seems like something from the mid 90's'' and the reason for that is I feel that was a pretty clever line for them to get into the song even though it clearly had a different meaning for 20 year old frontman George who penned the track on a 90 minute train journey back to Brum from London.
I feel it was a clever line for these boys to get into the track because it does sound something that could just have come out of the decade that was the 90's - if it didn't have the modern twist which allows it to not be something trapped to one kind of sound or era.

When I first heard 'Paradise' upon it's release I was very impressed by it and it led me to go forth and listen to track 'Club' and it was my favourite out of the three they had out. My favourite has now been replaced as I love the new direction in which they have gone with this song, it is pretty obvious Ivory Wave know what sound it is they wish to achieve and are well on their way to achieving said sound.

It has left me very much looking forward to seeing the boys when they head to Record Junkee (Sheffield) on 9th June.

The boys can also be seen live in Birmingham and Leeds as they play at Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham) on 20th May and Verve Bar (Leeds) on 10th June.

Written by Sophie.

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