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A REVIEW OF 'Where We Came From' BY VIDA - 10/05/2017

VIDA - photo credit to Tommo Barnes (Loaded Music)
From left to right - Jamie Piggott, Nathan, Jamie Pollock, Greg and Craig
VIDA are a five-piece Rock 'n' Roll band from Clackmannanshire, Scotland.
Taking influence from the world of Britpop this band Alloa based quintet just released their latest single 'Where We Came From' last week, of which was joined by b-side 'What's Going Around' as well as a video for the single which sees the boys of the band Jamie Pollock (lead vocalist & guitarist), Nathan Evans (lead guitarist & backing vocalist), Craig Scobbie (bassist & backing vocalist), Greg Ballantyne (keyboardist) and Jamie Piggott (drummer & backing vocalist) in the perfect location (the beach) as despite this track being rather emotion filled, it is also a track perfect for summer due to its bright sunny vibes cast by its instrumentals.
This single, although it sticks with the whole Brit-pop sound we have previously heard from these boys via single 'Fade Away' and EP 'Masquerade' (you can read my review of that release here). However, with that said, this release comes from a different angle within the genre they are within.

There is a clear definition between the two songs which make up this release and this is something which while listening to the single provides quite a refreshing feel when the B-side comes on as the songs are pretty different in style providing a variation which allows the boys to present the vast amount of musical talent they have in not really a lot of time.
The single itself is fairly mellow overall but sees two styles colliding which causes it to stray away from said mellow-ness in parts.

Both the lyrics and the vocals are emotion filled from start to finish and that combined with somewhat powerful instrumentals and energised guitar riffs, this song may just be my favourite from the boys of VIDA.

The first time I heard this track was the first time the boys played it live to an audience and I felt quite lucky to have witnessed this. Following doing so, on my way home from Leeds the song was stuck in my head the entire way. It is safe to say that this song is pretty damn catchy. 
Video for 'Where We Came From' filmed by Jamie Logie of Tenement TV.

Kicking off with an old clip found by Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene - producer of the single) the single's B-side gives me a Stone Roses 'Don't Stop' vibe. It is definitely more upbeat and allows them to incorporate a further energetic side to themselves.

Staying in line with their previous releases, you can definitely tell that this single has multiple perspectives and ideas incorporated into it due to their being many different stylings throughout and for me this shows that it all the band are getting on board with the writing of each and every song.

I was left impressed and looking forward to seeing what more these boys had to offer and following the release of 'Where We Came From' these feelings are ones which have definitely returned.

The band are currently in the middle of the 'Hot Scots' This Feeling tour with their brothers in arms, Kirkcaldy's very own, Shambolics - you can read my preview of the tour here.

They shall be playing Broadcast (Glasgow) this Friday, Pj Molloys (Dunfermline) this Saturday and Night & Day Café (Manchester) the following Saturday. You can purchase your tickets and check out other upcoming This Feeling gigs here.

Written by Sophie.

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