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Today brings the comeback of Samson Butcher but this time under a brand new identity with his release 'Neon Daydreams' (released via Democratic People Republic of Jupe Records)

Fresh out of uni and back in Cardiff, he returns with his latest EP under the name 'Carlos Danger,' following myself working with Sam during both of his previous projects it seemed only right to have an interview with him to find out more about his brand new musical adventure!

So, in the past we've had two previous interviews through other projects
you have been a part of. This time around you are back and under a new
pseudonym with a new style of music. Without giving too much away, what
can you tell us about Carlos Danger and your new musical adventure?

So this 'Neon Daydreams EP' has been a very enjoyable undertaking for me, it’s
just been really fun looking backwards and drawing inspiration from the past
and coming up with this nostalgic, poppy, anachronistic 80s throwback project.
However, while I hope people enjoy this as a standalone record, it’s actually
more of a prologue to a bigger project that’s starting to come together.
Carlos Danger is just one character of many, each with their own back-stories
and plots, in a fictional band (akin to Gorillaz) called The Taurus, inspired by
scientology and religious cults, social deviancy, propaganda and revolutions.
Carlos’ story is that he was a Miami drug kingpin, tethered to the materialistic
life he had created for himself, before being reborn and redeemed by the Taurus.
It’s this back-story that has dictated and guided the antiquated sound of the EP.

Where did the name Carlos Danger come from?

Carlos Danger’ was the online alias of former American politician Anthony
Weiner, who was embroiled in a series of sexting scandals.
I felt like this name tied in perfectly with the imagery of seedy underbellies,
corruption and abuses of power that The Taurus is aiming to conjure.

So I've seen that we can expect music from Carlos Danger on Sunday of
this week (out now, link at end of post) for which we've received a teaser. What exactly can we expect from this release?

With this EP I’ve tried to capture how I thought the soundtrack of an imaginary
1980s cop film with Carlos as the antagonist would play out, so the idea was to
create specific moments with the music. I’ve tried to depict stuff like montage
scenes, reflective dramatic moments, and warm, carefree beaches - all almost as
a parody.

I really wanted to make the sounds and styles as authentic as possible so I’ve
really taken my time to strive to really nail the boomy drums and bright synths
and replicate the zeitgeist of 80s music while still producing something novel
with fresh musical ideas.

CDs, vinyl or cassettes?

A cassette collaboration with Ankle Swingers is coming soon.

You have also started another project called Democratic People
Republic of Jupe Records with fellow Mirror Gorilla, Harry and this is the
record company / label by which your new music is being released
through. Is this a trend of new musical endeavours from you that we can

Yeah. We’re still waiting for major record labels to respond to our emails, so until
then we’re forced to release stuff ourselves. You can expect to see Taurus releases and more solo stuff from me in the near future and just artists we think are cool.

What has been your highlight of 2017 so far?

Graduating was quite the achievement. Then avoiding getting a proper job by
doing all this music stuff has been pretty fun.

Where would you say you wish to go with Carlos Danger?

The storylines we’re coming up with for the characters are constantly developing
and growing so we want to see how far we can really take things. Maybe The
Taurus can one day become a real cult with brainwashed followers, sacrificing
their worldly possessions and loved ones to Papa Jupe. That would be mad.

What is your personal favourite track from the release coming on

I think my favourite moment on the EP is 'Palm Tree Passion,' where I’ve gone
full-on Miami Vice/Beverly Hills Cop style 80s cop drama theme song, complete
with wailing guitar solos.

There seems to be a lot of mini projects tied into one big one within this new venture. Where did the ideas behind the whole of this project stem from?

Back when we were doing our thing in Mirror Gorillas there was always an urge to go down more of a darker and weirder route a la The Fall/Fat Whites/Country Teasers/Go Chi Minh, but it wouldn't have sat well with what we were about or accorded cohesively with what we had already released. So when Mirror Gorillas sort of went on a hiatus indefinitely it gave us a chance to explore these new ideas. Harry went away and came back with this mad demo of a song called 'Join The Taurus' with all these crazy references to Scientology, seedy sexual cult rituals and new world orders and it's all sprung from there. We've just set our imaginations loose and gone at it with complete freedom.

You can listen to 'Neon Daydreams' by Carlos Danger below:

Written by Sophie

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