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This year has been absolutely brilliant in terms of line-ups for festivals presented by the This Feeling Jack Rocks collaboration and YNOT Festival is no exception.

Last year was such a huge success which caused some revellers in 'the zone' the entire weekend, they are set to return to Derbyshire for the festival for a second year. During his main stage performance, Noel Gallagher, dedicated 'Don't Look Back in Anger' to ''all the bands in the This Feeling tent.''

So yes, the UK's top live rock n roll clubnight is back at YNOT and with them they bring a galaxy of Britain's brightest shining new stars taking their place on one of the biggest festival line-up covers which includes Stereophonics, DMAS, Slaves, Happy Mondays, The Vaccines, Jake Bugg and many more. 

From first set to the last, every single artist and band on the line-up has been hand picked for entertainment value, critical acclaim and music lovers recommendation. Between them, the line-up are already at underground cult rock star status, picked up amazing industry interest and deals, are potential future festival headliners.

The feedback from the festival line-ups This Feeling have already provided us with this year is almost without fail ''where have this band been all my life?!''

If you are lucky enough to be going to Y Not 2017, here are my top picks from the This Feeling / Jack Rocks stage (The Allotment Stage):

Thursday 27th July:

Carnival Club (4:40 pm) - A Manchester based quartet who this year released an astounding debut EP called 'Magdalena's Cape'. Loud and rocky is how I would best describe their onstage sound. Despite them not being together all that long, the chemistry you can see within this band both on and off stage is brilliant. With them definitely being one of my favourites off the entire line-up I cannot stress going to see this four-piece more.

No Hot Ashes (9:00 pm) - A band I first saw for the first time this weekend during which time I released that they are infact better live than they are on their recorded tracks (yes, it is possible). They are one of those bands who you watch and find yourself disappointed at how fast the set went due to how good they were and leave you wishing to see them again very soon. Do not miss this quartet.

Friday 28th July:

The Americas (1:15 pm) - Another band I saw for the first time this weekend, I was a bit cautious before doing so as I wasn't really sure what to expect despite liking their recorded music and hearing good things about their set but I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only are they called The Americas, this band look like they're fresh out of Texas with neck ties and America style shirts. Having their sound and look excellently worked out, this band clearly know where it is they want to go and I think they are well on their way to getting there, catch them while you can if you are Y Not this weekend.

The Jackobins (2:45 pm) - The four piece who hail from Liverpool and bring their increasingly infectious music with them. This is just one of multiple festivals these boys are playing as they continue to make their name known, this time next year it may well be the case it is no longer possible to see this band at a stage of this kind so you should definitely take advantage of seeing such a thing while you can.

Trampolene (9:30 pm) the welsh trio who bring a breath of fresh air to any line-up they are on by way of not only their songs but their poems, despite this, they are a band who some people don't always really get until they see them live, if this is you get down to The Allotment tent on Friday night. If like me, you love them or you haven't seen them before, you must also make sure you are in attendance.

Saturday 29th July:

Liberty Ship (5:00 pm) The Sheffield based band who last weekend took to the mainstage of Tramlines on the same day as The Libertines and who are coming up and making a name for themselves fast and after what I saw last year at Kazoopa Festival, rightly so. If phenomenal rock 'n' roll bands are your thing, be at their set.

Sheafs (5:50 pm) One of my absolute favourite bands at the moment. The band that left so many talking by not only their main set at Tramlines but their secret set as well as they were branded as playing the best live set people had seen in a very long time. I am very certain that these tents types at festivals are not going to be home for the Sheafs for much longer so you definitely need to catch them quickly and Y Not is the perfect opportunity.

Himalayas (6:40 pm) A band I first loved due to their music, following their release of 'Thank God I'm Not You,' I knew I had to see these boys live but had missed out up till I put them onto my own line-up and it isn't a decision I regret at all, very much the opposite. A truly impeccable band who leave you wanting more, if you are at Y Not, this band are most definitely one you want to catch.

The Strawberries (7:30 pm) - Ones who have mastered a blues, psychedelic sound without making it sound dated, they have brought it into the modern day and have made it work really well. If you haven't seen them before there is no doubt in my mind if you like some of the other psychedelic style bands on this line-up that The Strawberries may well also be one that you like and if you have already been infatuated by the bands tantalising instrumentals and lovely vocals then you know where you need to be during their set.

Paves (8:30 pm) - Another band who I managed to catch for the first time last weekend, with the frontman having a face full of glitter I knew I would like this band and I was unbelievably impressed by what they had to offer. One of the most charismatic bands I have seen in a while. It's fair to say I shall be seeing them again and if I was going to Y Not myself, I would be at the very front. If bluesy rock 'n' roll is your thing, Paves are for you so get to the front & watch the highlight of your weekend unfold in front of you.

Sunday 30th July:

Cabezudos (2:45 pm) My favourite Merseyside based band at the moment. They give the best on stage performance from a band I have seen in a long while as they constantly move, jump, dance or absolutely hammer their instruments. They are one of the most effervescent, in your face band out their at the moment. This quartet along with their trumpet player Sean are a band I feel I shall not bore of the live performances of and I feel this is the same for other people who have also seen them live and shall be the same for people who do so in the future.

Emily Capell (3:30 pm) A singer / songwriter I have not yet seen but have been left completely captivated by the music she has released so far. Different from anything I've heard (probably ever) she truly is a breath of fresh air into the entire industry at the moment and I'm sure her live performance at Y Not will be nothing short of fabulous. Just watch her video for track 'Joey,' I'm sure you'll be left feeling the same way.

Shambolics (5:50 pm) - One of my two favourite Scottish bands. I cannot stress how much I really like their song 'Love Collides,' particularly when performed live. Just like their Scottish brothers, Vida, these boys have a lot to offer in terms of differentiation between their songs, they do have a different style in terms of vocals and their style to Vida however so they are perfect to see beforehand.

Vida (6:40 pm) - The other of my favourite Scottish bands, they possess a number of sound skills with their songs venturing from a few different styles from release to release. Upon hearing them live for the first time, it's really cliche to say, but I was blown away. Their rendition of The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony' is next level and I hope anyone who sees them live at Y Not gets to see it also so they know exactly what it is I mean and love about 

Bang Bang Romeo (9:30 pm) A band local to me who have one of the most incredible and powerful front woman in the industry at the present time. There is something so impressive about every aspect of this band and despite the fact I've only seen them once properly, they are a band I would recommend to everyone because I think they'd be quite well suited to a lot of peoples tastes.

If you are lucky enough to be in attendance of Y Not Festival I hope you have the best time and I hope all the bands playing smash their sets and have a fabulous time doing so, along with the organisers of the festival and every stage, particular This Feeling / Jack Rocks!

Written by Sophie.

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