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A REVIEW OF 'Confused' BY CASEY LOWRY - 25/08/2017

CASEY LOWRY - photo credit to Doug Hill
CASEY LOWRY is a self-managed singer / songwriter from Chesterfield.

Having his music previously described as 'sparkling indie-pop at it's finest' by The Indiependent it's hardly surprising that twenty year old Casey has captivated audiences all around the UK.

With that said however, up until January of this year, he had not released any music and despite this, he had managed to sell out venues around the country by way of word of mouth ticket sales as he was helped by fans he had gained through supporting the likes of Coasts, The Hunna and The Sherlocks.

Ahead of releasing his first track, Lowry uptook a DIY approach of gettig his name known and said approach definitely paid off for him, shown directly by his ability to sell out his shows ahead of musical releases.

Now we reach the end of the year, the Derbyshire musician is keeping in line with his previous theme of love, as he has hit back with his latest single ‘Confused.’

Despite being of the same theme as his previous track, debut single ‘Trampoline,’ there are considerable differences between the two. This song offers a whole new perspective to the individual’s love life and with this new perspective comes a party fresh sound. With that said, the pop aspect of Lowry’s tracks has not been lost and is well and truly embedded within the song.

The cheerfulness has died down a little and has been swapped for a more emotional style and for myself, this song definitely presents a different side to Casey shown directly through his song writing.

Similar to ‘Trampoline’ in the way that it feels like quite an honest song but ‘Confused’ takes Lowry’s honesty within his lyrics to a whole new level.

The whole of the song is very soft and gentle, this is very much helped by not only his voice but the instrumentals but there is a slight electronic side to the track coming through in several ways and this definitely suits the style of the other aspects of the song. It all fits together so perfectly.

One thing I am very glad has continued through this release is Casey’s organic approach and it is something which is directly mirrored by his second UK headline tour which has now commenced and during he shall be visiting Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and London. You can buy your tickets here.

Overall Casey has managed to knock out a another excellently catchy pop song which remained in my head for days following my first listen and I feel this is all we are ever going to get from him with each new release and well, I'm not complaining.

Written by Sophie.

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