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A REVIEW OF 'Oxytocin' BY JACK CONMAN - 24/08/2017

Jack Conman - photo credit to Colors Berlin (
 JACK CONMAN is the 20 year old virtuoso guitarist who just so happens to also be one of Hull’s finest up and coming singer songwriters.

Enticing people by way of his blend of intricate vocals, booming, goose-bump ridden choruses and a perfect mix of melancholy and energy dictating the atmosphere in every song. His influences are drawn from the likes of King Krule, Mac Demarco, Matt Corby and Keaton Henson.

Just last year, Jack completed a 25 gig UK tour with Coffeehouse Sessions and saw his debut EP (released through Warren Records) ‘Euphoria Springs’ hit #5 in the iTunes singer / songwriter charts.

This year, Conman alongside producer Kev La Kat has launched a new indie label, Axolotl Records. The first release is Jack’s ‘Heddison’ EP which is made up of six singles, some of which have already been released digitally – ‘Greatly Hasty’, ‘Uproar’ and ‘Never Tell’.

Just a few months back, he played at Radio 1’s Big Weekender on top of securing himself airplay on both Radio 1 and 6 Music which proves he is most definitely one to watch as his music continues to break through to new wherever it is heard.

Artwork by Piers Courtney
Now from the Yorkshireman who first came to my attention through one of his friends, we have ‘Oxytocin’.

Since discovering Jack he has been on my radar with every new release being one I loved. He has definitely opened my eyes even more to the modern folk style but due to his sounded being laced with an alternative edge, this has brought it more to my preferred style of music.

This alternative dynamic is what brings him away from an sound too similar to Keaton Henson's and has most definitely allowed Jack to create his own identity in multiple ways.

One thing I have found with Jack Conman's music is that it allows myself to feel incredibly relaxed and this is something I have begun to appreciate greatly as usually I find myself listening to a lot of heavy music. It's nice to have something soothing to listen to every now and again and that is exactly what 'Oxytocin' is.

This release is definitely my favourite out of those we have already received which are set to make up Jack’s next EP, it is filled with a calming sense of raw passion which becomes increasingly apparent as the song goes along.

Every second of this song is so delicate and just like the other songs of his, it tells a story.

You can listen to 'Oxytocin' here:

Written by Sophie.

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