Monday, 7 August 2017


From left to right - Sean, Jonathon (front), George (back) and Andy.
SPINN are the Liverpudlian dream-pop four piece who after supporting Will Joseph Cook and Trash as well as playing FestEvol 2017, just last month presented us with their latest single 'Notice Me.'

These four 'approachable' lads; Jonathon Quinn (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Andy Power (lead guitarist & synthesizer), Sean McLachlan (bassist & backing vocalist) and George Whitehead (drummer & backing vocalist) first met at school and since forming the band, they have been shown a lot of love online, garnering 50k (and still climbing) streams on Spotify, whilst also being booked for Kendal Calling and selling out their first headline show in their hometown.

Since the release of the bands last single 'Home,' SPINN have been admired for their dreamy sounds and youthful exuberance, this is something which remains the same, but amplified, following the release of 'Notice Me' as this single sees the boys of the band venture down, more or less, the same route as 'Home.' The track is fun, refreshing and almost certainly aimed at being a banger.

Of the track, singer Jonathon Quinn said: 'Notice Me started out as a way to get some radio play. We used to say it was a homage to BBC Radio Merseyside because when we wrote it we couldn't get any radio play, and we wanted to be noticed by them. The lyrics are a bit more meaningful, t's essentially us trying to portray the concept of Hero Worship in a pop song. That's why we've got a load of out gorgeous lovely heroes on the artwork.'

One thing recently I have found increasingly difficult to do is get excited about dream pop, slacker pop type bands due to me finding them all a little too similar. However, this is something that wasn't the case upon discovering SPINN through a friend living in Liverpool.

This song of which we just received a video for is a definite breath of fresh air to the world of dream-pop in many ways but the main one for me is that at no point in the song, there is no point in which the vocals blend into the instrumentals and they sound considerably drown out. They remain completely definitive at every point.

With the purpose of this song initially being to gain the band radio play, I feel it is one which would have been pretty effective for me if I worked in radio. It is everything you want from a jangly pop song from its excellent instrumentals to its catchy chorus.

This is the kind of dream-pop band I know I would definitely enjoy seeing live and shall definitely be sure to do so as they come play a venue close to me.

Written by Sophie.

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