Friday, 18 August 2017

Double Denim Live at The Parish - 18/08/2017

This coming Saturday brings another date of Double Denim Live in Huddersfield where I Kept The Wolves Away, Palmes and Faux Pas shall all take to the stage of The Parish

The South Yorkshire based trio that is I Kept The Wolves Away have an air of pop about them which makes them similar to Palmes and they manage to balance this perfectly with their initial 'indie-rock' sound making them a perfect mix of both bands whom shall follow them tomorrow night.

Palmes are the Huddersfield based trio who this year presented two singles to us (El Capitano and Tourist) which added to the plethora of other singles already released. Their infectious indie-pop vibe is definitely one which shall get you dancing if you find yourself at The Parish on the 19th.

The only quartet of the night are most definitely the heaviest band of the night due to their 'indie-punk' sound. The North Yorkshire based Faux Pas, bring a different edge to the line-up but one that could still have the same effect as the other bands due to them being a band you can move around to, despite them having a song named 'I Hate Dancing' which you can more than likely hope to hear on the night!

You can get your tickets from the link below if you haven't already (if you haven't you definitely should)!

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