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The Reading and Leeds Festival weekend is almost upon us as both the festivals commence today.

The line-up for the entire festival presents a real mix of musical styles and has a bit of something for everyone and this is something which remains constant within the line-up for the This Feeling / Jack Rocks stage (exclusive to Reading Festival).

It really is going to be the dreamiest of zones.

Full line-up, day splits and timings for This Feeling / Jack Rocks Stage at Reading 2017
The stage is ran by the UK's biggest Rock 'n' Roll club night and the Jack Daniels off shoot, Jack Rocks, the organisation which showcases the best of up and coming talent is going to, this weekend play host to (without a doubt) some of the best sets of the entire weekend as it sees bands and artists from all around the UK take to it.

Although I feel every single one of the bands and artists playing this stage are incredible and some are my favourite bands around at the moment, here are my top picks from the This Feeling / Jack Rocks stage - however, I recommend as well as seeing these bands, you try to catch as many sets at this stage as possible, it truly is future headliners galore. 

Anteros - Friday (12:40)
Having captured the perfect indie-pop sound and complimentary style it is no wonder than this four-piece have had a 2017 full of festivals with Reading being one of them. Their dreamy sound alongside the sassy nature of frontwoman Laura makes them, in my eyes, an excellent choice by This Feeling / Jack Rocks to be one of the first bands to grace their stage, thus kickstarting the festival weekend and doing so in an almighty fashion.

The Assist - Friday (14:05)
This four-piece from Walsall will have you captivated throughout their entire performance and shall be one which definitely make for an enjoyable set. With multiple genres all packed into one, they still somehow manage to not sound busy, this is something which is consistent in both their recorded and live music but is accentuated through their live show. For a set you won't fail to enjoy, make sure you check out The Assist

Paves - Friday (15:25)
Packed full of vigour and charisma this band own any stage they take to and always look so solid. Another band who's style compliments their sound, you can tell they know exactly what it is they want from this musical journey and with the way they are going, I am feeling confident that if their hardwork continues they shall get there and playing this stage is definitely going to help with that. 

The Blinders - Saturday (13:35)
My favourite hometown band who are quickly becoming the favourite band of many people all around the UK and once the intense trip that is their live performance has been witnessed I feel it's difficult not to like this 'punkadelic' trio. Their onstage bravado, heightened by way of alteregos (particularly that of frontman Thomas), makes it seem like you're not just watching a musical performance, you're watching something more than that and that feeling could not be more correct.

False Heads - Saturday (15:50)
A band who's live performance I was a little apprehensive to watch due to not really knowing if it would be something I would enjoy despite prior to this event, loving their debut EP. It was soon shown to me that I should not have felt said apprehension as I loved their live performance even more. Rowdy and raucous from the very beginning there wasn't a moment in their set where I found myself bored and with nowhere to look. Recently I have taken a glimpse into the very near future for these boys and can confirm it's most definitely going to be a bright one which you are going to want to be apart of.

Breed - Saturday (16:30)
A top pick I am choosing purely through the music I have heard from the band due to not being lucky enough to catch them live yet. The energy picked up through the tracks released by this band is something I definitely hope they convey through their live performance. They are a band who's live performance I have heard great things about from people who's taste in music I trust so i believe they will definitely be tearing up this stage at Reading.

Sisteray - Saturday (21:00)
A band to who I first saw live nearly a year ago now despite featuring them on Contagious Courageous before that date and it was a set that was definitely worth the wait. This punky London based four-piece could well be one to curate the perfect end to your rock-fuelled Saturday at Reading. 

Himalayas - Sunday (12:45)
The boys of Cardiff who I recently put on at a gig of my own are quickly creating a stir, particularly following their recent sets at Tramlines Festival and Y Not Festival (both sets for This Feeling) on top of This Feeling's '#JenZone'. A must see if you are reeling from the sets you saw the night before and are ready for your next fix of powerful riffs and licks as well as intense drumbeats. They are one of the bands which are definitely set to start peoples Sunday off in the correct way, make sure you are one of those people. 

No Hot Ashes - Sunday (13:35)
The next big thing coming straight out of Stockport, this band who shall follow Himalayas are definitely the ones to catch if you want a good old dance. Harbouring an indie-pop vibe mixed with rock infused moments and the raspiest of vocals, this quartet were one of the highlights of my Tramlines weekend as they played the This Feeling stage. 

The Jackobins - Sunday (17:15)
Another band who have had an exceptional Summer by way of festivals are currently one of if not the hottest band coming out of Liverpool at the moment. This alternative four-piece  maintain a level of excitement throughout the duration of their whole performance and this is something which will keep you entertained all the way through and shall leave you wishing to see them again straight after. 

Skin - Sunday (21:00)
Bristol based Skin are becoming increasingly present within the British music scene as they play more and more and they are definitely one who have appeared out of nowhere for some individuals and have rocketed straight to one of the most legendary festivals in the UK, this ferocious three-piece are definitely going to be one of the highlights of the Sunday for this stage.

Sheafs - Sunday (23:20)
Could there be a more perfect band to finish your Reading weekend with? No, no there couldn't. After what can only be described as the most insane Summer, Sheffield based quintet Sheafs are set to play yet another festival and this one lands them the final slot. After obliterating their two sets at both Tramlines and Y Not, I am one hundred percent sure than their Reading set shall be nothing different, infact it may be even more spectacular. These boys are most definitely destined for big things and so you need to make sure your in that tent to witness yet another huge milestone for this band.

Aside from all the other acts who are gracing the This Feeling / Jack Rocks stage, I strongly recommend that if you are either at Leeds or Reading Festival that you make sure you get down to see the following sets:

Tom Grennan - Friday - Festival Republic Stage
Will Joseph Cook - Friday - Festival Republic Stage
Otherkin - Friday - Festival Republic Stage
Queen Zee & the Sasstones - Friday - BBC Introducing Stage

Judas - Saturday - Mainstage *an absolute must*
The Big Moon - Saturday - Festival Republic Stage
Toothless - Saturday - Festival Republic Stage
The Amazons - Saturday - Festival Republic Stage
Sugarmen - Saturday - BBC Introducing Stage
Rale - Saturday - BBC Introducing Stage

Inheaven - Sunday - NME / Radio 1 Extra Stage
The Japanese House - Sunday - Festival Republic Stage
Cassia - Sunday - Festival Republic Stage
Pale Waves - Sunday - Festival Republic Stage

Written by Sophie.

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