Friday, 8 September 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Chasing a Disaster' BY SHAMBOLICS - 08/09/2017

Shambolics - photo credit to Kieran Wylie
From left to right - Andrew, Jordan, Darren & Lewis
SHAMBOLICS are the Fife four-piece compromised of Lewis McDonald (vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Darren Forbes (vocalist & lead guitarist), Jordan McHatton (bassist) and Andrew Finlay (drummer).

This previous Tuesday, the boys of the band released their latest single ‘Chasing a Disaster’ which, is particularly different to their other tracks in terms of the instrumentals. They have however, managed to keep a level of similarity about their sound by way of the vocals.

Shambolics head out on tour this weekend, kicking off in Leeds.
Chasing a Disaster’ brings a freshness to the sound of Shambolics and it is one that I didn’t think was necessary, till now.

This track may well be my favourite song from this quartet to date. The whole thing clearly presents their ‘dreamy rock ‘n’ roll’ sound from beginning to end however there is definitely more of a dreamy vibe surrounding it.

Not very raucous in terms of tempo, unlike the style of the gig we see in the video, this track is one which you can definitely imagine to be one that even if people who don’t know Shambolics will find themselves singing along to them due to how catchy the chorus of it is.

Through this track, Lewis and Darren, have upkept their clear and definitive vocals which you get in the rest of the Shambolics track. They are very much the focal point for the majority of the song - until towards the end that is, when we are given that wonderful instrumental section.

Overall, this is one of my favourite releases of the last month or so and is one which I am definitely looking forward to seeing them perform live.

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