Sunday, 3 September 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Healthy' FROM FAUX PAS - 03/09/2017

FAUX PAS - photo credit Callum Dibbert 
From left to right - Lewis, Morgan, Reuben and Joey
FAUX PAS are the four-piece grunge gloom / slacker indie band from York.

Compromised of Reuben Cowl (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Lewis Egdell (lead guitarist), Morgan Lindley (bassist & backing vocalist) and Joey Leyland (drummer).

Right from the off this song is very hard-hitting by way of its instrumentals and this is something which is directly portrayed by the music video which was filmed and edited by Joe Hudson and Max Blyth, who did an excellent job maintaining high quality throughout and by making it black and white, they have definitely given it even more of an edge which more than suits the track.
The red which finds itself in the end of the video hits when the song reaches its heaviest part and so has definitely been well-incorporated.

The boys of Faux Pas are currently on tour, check them out at a venue near you.
The vocals follow swiftly after at which point due to their slightly mellow nature, the instrumentals also slightly calm down. 

'Healthy' which was recorded by Mickey Dale, for myself still does contain slight aspects of a slacker indie vibe but it is a different kind of that style than what we've heard from Faux Pas in the past. There is also a definitive change in the fact that this song (in parts) is more grunge-esque than the other songs we have heard previously from this four piece.

Due to this slightly different sound, I feel the start of something new for Faux Pas may be just around the corner and that is something I am very much looking forward to.

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