Friday, 27 October 2017


After having two years of success in Derby, 2Q Festival has expanded into new territory and this Saturday shall take to the historic city of Lincoln.

With deep routed connections to the city of Lincoln already present, the operation will work on the same premise as Derby - a multi venue, inner city, live music festival.

This festival shall not be one to suffer the effects of being unfamiliar to a new place. Instead, through previously ingrained knowledge and strong relationships  with the city. Evidence of this has been recognised through the interest of several of Lincoln's biggest and most favoured venues, locations and spaces who signed up to be apart of 2Q Festival Lincoln 2017. These venues include:

The Engine Shed
Red Five
The Loft @ Home
The Swan
Liquour @ Trebles
The Angel Coffee House
Back To Mono

According to the organisers, 2Q Festival Lincoln has come at a time when Lincoln as a destination is booming due to tourism being great, the arts, culture and heritage in the city thriving. The city's events programme is diverse, exciting and jam packed. On top of all that, both universities are receiving critical acclaim, national awards and recognition for excellence.

The festivals programmer and director, Ian Davies, said ''We are incredibly happy with our line-up. It feels like the line-up will be great value for the ticket price and we hope that people get on board and come along and discover new music as well as some old favourites.''

The festival shall take place this Saturday (28th October). Tiers 1 and 2 of tickets have sold out but tier 3 at £25 (plus booking fee) and are available from Gigantic or

Tickets for students are available at the discounted price of £22.50 and are able to be bought from the University of Lincoln's Students Union.

With this move, 2Q Festival bring a mix of fresh up and coming musicians alongside popular favourites. Despite it being a truly incredible line-up, one which made choosing a top picks to catch difficult. I did it!

Himalayas - 13:45 @ Red Fire.

The Cardiff based quartet who recently hit back with their second single shall be concluding their festival season with another appearance on a This Feeling stage as they make their Lincoln debut. Having thoroughly impressed every time I have seen these boys, they are for sure one of my favourite Welsh bands ever and are definitely not one to miss at the festival.

Sheafs - 14:45 @ Red Fire.

After an incredibly successful summer of festivals which saw them close the This Feeling tent at Reading and play a secret set on Y Not's Quarry Stage, the boys of Sheafs are finishing their festival season off in Lincoln before their final shows of the year commence. Due  to this, it could be your last chance to catch them this year before they explode into an even bigger 2018.

Tom Grennan - 21:15 @ Circle.

The singer songwriter who I am ecstatic about finally getting to see live this weekend. His voice is one which is simply incredible and I can imagine is one which I have noticed only gets better with his live performances from what I've seen from the videos I have watched of him. He has exploded onto the scene and therefore is one I feel it won't be possible to catch at venues like this for much longer. 

BlackWaters - 15:45 @ Red Fire.

The Guildford outfit I first saw less than a month ago when they played Birmingham's O2 Institute for the This Feeling Alive tour and was thoroughly impressed shall be playing the This Feeling stage on Saturday. Loud, raucous and stompy with the occasional moment of hair flying everywhere, this band are in your face by way of their screaming lyrical style alongside their stage presence. If DIY punk is your thing, you need to get down to see BlackWaters at 2Q Festival.

Bang Bang Romeo - 18:45 @ Red Fire.

Another of the bands who were apart of the This Feeling Alive tour this band recently supported Derby band The Struts are their home gig in London. With one of the most powerful front women I have ever come across and the chemistry between Anastasia, Ross and Richard is one of the best I have seen in that of a band, It is something which is just as strong on stage as off stage. 

Paves - 16:45 @ Red Fire.

The London based four-piece who shall be bringing charisma by the bucket load to the festival were one of my Tramlines highlights this year and I am very positive in my thinking that this will be the same at 2Q Festival.

October Drift - 18:30 @ Liquor.

A band which I have now followed for a good three 
years and still love as much as I did upon first hearing them and still very much enjoy their live performance as much as I did when I first saw them play. With some new material under their belts which is slowly making its way into their set, now is the perfect time to go see the Taunton based boys and get on their new music before anyone else.

Strange Bones - 19:45 @ Red Fire.

The band who gave one of the most exhilarating performances I have seen to date back when they played Doncaster's Social Bar for the first time. They are possibly the band in which i am most excited to see again this weekend due to it being so long since I last did. They are another band who if DIY punk is your thing, you need to see. 

JUDAS - 20:45 @ Red Fire.

This year the Camden based four-piece graced the Reading Festival mainstage before playing Leeds Festival mainstage for the second time. They are soon about to kick off their four date Winter tour which sees them mainly stay down south, this is the date you need to get down to if you want to see the band before the year is out. 

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