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A REVIEW OF 'Give It To Me' BY THE ASSIST - 06/10/2017

The Assist in Paris - photo credit to Luke Jones.
From left to right - BenRyan, Jak and Mikey.
THE ASSIST are the Walsall based quartet who just this morning released their latest single 'Give It To Me'.

Compromised of Mikey Stanton (vocalist), Ryan Stanton (guitarist), Jak Baker (bassist) and Ben Faulkner (drummer) this band follow on from their prior release earlier in the year, other single 'Wonderful'.

If there is one thing I love about The Assist, it is the way they lace their songs with honesty about to their day to day life and are relevant to that of others but as well as that, they are funky as hell. They make you wanna dance around and this single is no different. In terms of basslines and riffs, it is definitely my favourite so far.

There is an ever changing tempo throughout and it allows the boys of the band to get all of their different styles into the 3 and a half minute long track.

'Give It To Me' tells the story of 'an internal argument' within frontman Mikey's brain 'about having too much of a good time and being a bit professional' which comes into context most in lyric 'on a date with my brain cos its cheaper than bird, can you feel it coming we're gonna cause some trouble tonight.'

This fine line between being professional and having a good time is clearly something which Mikey Stanton likes to control within the band as when talking to him about the song he said 'Give It To Me is a reference to like anything that could potentially harm our performance is usually in my back pocket. So I'm telling the lads, Give It To Me and I'll give it to you afterwards' and this is two aspects also are ones which are directly represented through their music video for the track.

 The style of Mikey's vocals allow his accent to come through and that is something which makes them somewhat unique. With 'Give It To Me' they have incorporated a speaking part for him in which his accent is further accentuated. The speaking section is another thing which allows for some uniqueness to be portrayed due to their not being any other up and coming bands and artists doing this kind of thing, 

The track has definitely allowed them to take a different approach in terms of their music, it is still as funky as the last (if not funkier) but it has definitely enabled the lads to fully showcase the skills that they maintain, particularly those of Jak Baker who is most definitely one of the best bass players on the scene at present. The lick midway through the track presents this perfectly.

The guitar riffs coming from Ryan Stanton blend in excellently with the bass and together they create something leaves you feeling considerably warm inside. It adds to the bands 'council pop-rock' vibe and this is that aspect of the song which makes me wanna get up and dance around, especially alongside the 'du du du du' lines which come up throughout the track - they give me a kind of football song vibe which is something which the boys of The Assist love.

In my opinion, drums are always the most important aspect of a track due to the fact that drummers are the ones who tend to keep everyone else in time and this is no different for the drums from Ben Faulkner we get in 'Give It To Me' this is where more of the rock aspect comes into the track (though we do occasionally get that through the other instruments). Solid throughout, the pace changes just as the tempo does.

This track itself maintains so many different styles and it's something which clearly withholds the influences of each band member and allows them all to kind of get involved within the writing despite Mikey being the main songwriter.

'Give It To Me' is one which is even better when witnessing it live as I did just the other day, the boys are raucous and energy filled throughout their performance anyway but this song is one which you can tell they fully enjoy playing.

The video for this song is something which couldn't be any better in the way it properly represents the song and it channels the personality of the boys (from what I've seen) so accurately. It's bright, colourful and playful throughout - everything you would hope to see in a video from The Assist.

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