Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Chris and Lawrence at Rough Trade
 On Sunday night, the Sheffield based five-piece known as SHEAFS took to the stage of Nottingham's Rough Trade for the Y-Not / BBC Introducing night hosted by BBC Introducing Midands.

This gig was one in which our attendance was a rather last minute decision, but after seeing them it was one which myself and my flatmate Declan, who had never seen the band before prior to that night, knew was the right one.

Due to the fact that neither of us had been to the record store / venue before and Google Maps not being on our side, we took a few slight detours which left us feeling like we had missed the beginning of the set. HOWEVER as we eventually found the venue and began walking up the stairs, we heard 'Sheafs' being announced by the host, our arrival could not have been more impeccably timed.

The venue itself has such a chilled out vibe to it, particularly due to the layout. As the boys of the band; Lawrence Feenstra (lead vocalist), Chris Goodacre (lead guitarist & backing vocalist), Callum Wright (bassist & backing vocalist), Charles Mellor (guitarist) and Charlie Eastap (drummer) took to the stage, it was clear that the peace of it was going to be disrupted.
Charlie at Rough Trade
While walking towards the section with the stage, there was an array of positive feelings that filled me as I saw how many people were in the room watching this band, especially due to it being a Sunday evening. It was very refreshing to see.

The raucousness which radiates from each member started immediately and instantly had people moving. No matter what the venue whether it be Sheffield's iconic The Leadmill, the venue now known as Cafe Totem or Sundays venue, alongside people chanting 'Sheafs' this has always been the case when I've since this quintet.

Charles and Callum at Rough Trade
This performance was everything you would expect to see from Sheafs had you already seen them before this event and if you hadn't it was just like any other of their shows which shows that no matter what stage they take to, their energy and levels of effort do not change.

The boys did not stop for one minute throughout the entire set, particularly their frontman Lawrence who graced not only the stage but the audience space and the shoulders of Will of The Honeymoon Suite. It was no wonder that they were all exceptionally tired following it.

I am impressed every single time I see these boys, however this time they also thoroughly impressed Declan who had a lot to say about them afterwards.

You can catch Sheafs in the near future at the following places:
2Q Festival, Lincoln on 28th October
The Leadmill, Sheffield on 10th November
Kazoopa Festival, Leeds on 25th November
The Chapel, Leeds on 8th December.

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