Sunday, 17 December 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Fatal Attraction' FROM CARNATION - 17/12/2017

CARNATION - photo credit to Lydia Maycock
From left to right - Oscar, Saul & Cameron
CARNATION are a Manchester based trio compromised of Saul Parker-Backhouse (lead vocalist & bassist), Cameron Nolan (guitarist) and Oscar Magini (drummer) who recently released single 'Fatal Attraction'.

The indie new wave band who describe themselves as 'something you'd punch your best mate to,' definitely gave us an excellent insight into the 2017 edition of Carnation.

The intro to the song throws you in at the deep end before the sound calms down as the sound of the band hits you at full force instantly showing that theirs no messing around with this band.

The drop within 'Fatal Attraction' is a weird one, but weird in a good way. The build up for it is played out well due to the fact that its kind of obvious that it is coming but at the same time it isn't and it could go either way in terms of the fact that it could return to the tempo of the intro or get further still. The boys have managed to create a song which upon first listen, keeps you on your toes.

Despite Carnation being in their early days in terms of releases and having plenty of time to mix up their sound, what they currently have works pretty damn well. The instrumental style and voice of Saul work excellently together.

Although I haven't known of Carnation long, I feel they have been together for a while now and them waiting till now to release has been something which I feel to have been an excellent move of their behalf as the track does genuinely work so well and isn't one that would be thought of as a first release because this band have it together.

This track has definitely left myself curious as to what we are able to expect form Carnation in the new year, especially now they have also just completed a considerably successful tour. I am sure 2018 will hold big things for this three-piece.

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