Monday, 18 December 2017

A REVIEW OF 'Say You Love Me' FROM PLASTIC HOUSE - 18/12/2017

PLASTIC HOUSE - photo credit to Debbie Ellis
From left to right - Robbie, Oliver, James & Jake
PLASTIC HOUSE are the Stockport based quartet who recently released their latest single 'Say You Love Me'.

Plainly describing themselves as 'four best mates playing music' the boys which make up this alternative four-piece are Oliver Podmore (lead vocalist & guitarist), Robbie Murray (lead guitarist), James Lennon (bassist) and Jake Perry (drummer & backing vocalist).

This song is one which, I liked from the first time I heard it and it is one which has definitely gotten, in my eyes, better and better with each listen as I have properly focused on every aspect of it and it has quickly become quite possibly my favourite by Plastic House, it's calm harmonious nature for the most part is something which I absolutely love.

The fact that they have also managed to incorporate their alternative side in parts through both the instrumentals and Oliver's vocals is something which also makes myself very much like this track - it is something which you can definitely imagine to be something which will be even more present through their live performance of which you can find out when they play Manchester Academy 3 on 17th March, tickets are available here.

The track which is based around themes of love and relationships keeps in line with the theme of previous songs released by Plastic House in which they sing about a significant other or about someone who could become just that. With that said, each song has its own unique nature and this is something which doesn't stop with 'Say You Love Me'.

One thing that I really like about this track despite it only being something very minor, is the way in which frontman Oliver sings 'birthday' as when doing so he sounds exactly how he would say it if speaking as oppose to singing and in the same way he does this, he allows his accent to come through in parts.

 Though I have only been a fan of Plastic House for a short while, it is clear to see the progression in which they have made between their releases which has led up to 'Say You Love Me' and I'm sure shall continue by way of their future releases.

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