Monday, 5 February 2018

A REVIEW OF NO HOT ASHES 'Skint Kids Disco' - 06/02/2018

From left to right - Matthew, Jack, Isaac & Luigi
Photo credit to Sam Crowston
 The Stockport four-piece NO HOT ASHES are back with their next instalment of the upcoming EP. The new track ‘Skint Kids Disco’ picks up where the band left off with 'Eight Till Late' dragging you towards the dancefloor with a funk driven bass line.

Skint Kids Disco should lend itself to nights where one pound fifty vodka lemonades and pints of house lager are bought like sharks in a feeding frenzy, whilst trying to dance on a alcohol eaten bar floor.

Boasting a mutual love and appreciation for 70’ and 80’s funk and disco, the new single is a culmination of what the band do best with catchy lyrics and quick fire chord changes.  

When frontman Isaac Taylor belts out the line “I’ve not got much, but just enough” you can pick up a political undertone possibly nodding to the impoverished times young people today are having.

Speaking about the new release Taylor had this to say “We wrote this song with every intention of writing an outright disco-pop anthem. ‘Skint Kids Disco’ incorporates a multitude of sounds and elements that are reminiscent of the music styles we love as individual musicians. Sleazy guitar tones, fat funk bass lines and big disco beats.”

No Hot Ashes are bringing out the EP Skint Kids Disco on the 30th March, which is a day before their biggest headline show to date at Manchester Academy 2. You can buy tickets for this show here.

Written by Josh Coombs.

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