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Luke at Dingwalls. Photo credit to Elliot Neal Photographic.
 Just over a week ago, I experienced something that was a real turning point for myself.

I took myself down to London for the single launch of False Heads’ latest track ‘Retina’ where they graced the stage of Camden’s Dingwalls for weekly club night, Cherry Cola Club.

From the first time I saw Luke Griffiths (lead vocalist & guitarist), Jake Elliott (bassist) and Barney Nash (drummer & backing vocalist) back in August of last year, since that gig they quickly became one of my favourite live bands and since then, they have become one of my favourite bands in general. Meaning when I found out about this release show I knew this was a gig I needed to get to as I knew it was going to be one of those ‘I was there’ kind of shows.

Jake at Dingwalls. Photo credit to Elliot Neal Photographic.
Ahead of the band even stepping on stage, the anticipation which filled the air was clear from the off and was only set to be confimed further as soon as they took tot the stage and were met with a sea of cheers which highlighted perfectly just how many people in the crowd were beyond ready for what they were about to witness.

Right from the off, you could tell exactly how the gig was going to go on. This was without a doubt one of the rowdiest of all the False Heads gigs I have been to and this is something that in the future, I hope that all gigs of theirs are like.

Barney at Dingwalls. Photo credit to Elliot Neal Photographic
Throwing an instantly abrasive sound out there, the raucousness radiating from the stage was soon reciprocated by the audience by way of a hell of a lot of jumping around and a pit forming, which at one point caused myself to fall to the ground which goes to show just how crazy it was in the ground floor of Dingwalls that night (shout out to the lovely humans who quickly helped me back to my feet).

Presenting an array of their most loved tunes from ‘Twentynothing’ to ‘Retina’ - the latest single of which the gig was for right through to ‘Slew’. Their audacious nature poured out more and more through each song through each song.

Luke in the crowd. Photo credit to Elliot Neal Photographic
Luke and Jake equal in their ability to throw themselves around the stage show perfectly well how they maintain their boisterous stage presence and overactive movements through every second of the performance. Joint with the nothing short of hammering the drums from Barney, the trio are infectious in every beat produced.

Making sure he enters the space of the audience to get up close and person at least once, Luke was soon to ensure his face met with those who faced him as he plunged in way into the audience and began sharing the mic.

At every moment throughout the gig, the audience were under the command of the band. Particularly when they requested everyone take to the ground – something which everything instantly did, allowing the build-up to be even bigger and as everyone rose again, the drop with the track excessively jumpier.

The whole set was impeccably played out. It was everything you would expect from not only a DIY punk-rock band but it was everything people have come to know that they can expect from the elusive and volatile False Heads.
Video by Dogbrain Videos

They’re getting to a point were things are becoming increasingly exciting now, going from supporting The Libertines to playing alongside Josh Homme and Band of Skulls at A Peaceful Noise, then recently playing their first shows overseas in both Belgium and Paris before soon enough they will be taking to the stage of Croatia’s INMusic festival alongside Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Interpol etc and because of this, they are definitely ones to watch as they are beginning to explode.

You can catch them in the UK as they play two upcoming announced dates, you should also keep an eye out for future announced dates.

31st March – The Lending Room, Leeds

2nd June – Camden Rocks Festival, London

You can digitally download and stream retina everywhere now and you can do that here.

It is also available to buy on vinyl and CD here.

Written by Sophie.

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