Sunday, 18 March 2018

A REVIEW OF 'Gotta Get Through' BY THE BLINDERS - 18/03/2018

THE BLINDERS - photo credit to Sam Crowston
From left to right - Matty, Thomas & Charlie.
Doncaster originators, THE BLINDERS have a new single out of which goes by the name of ‘Gotta Get Through’. This latest instalment from the now Manchester based trio comes after their very first headline UK tour, which was sold-out show after sold-out show.

From the first beat of the drum and twang of the guitar, you know this track lives under your bed and only comes out to play in your nightmares.

In their own words, Thomas, Charlie and Matty describe the latest effort as a “proverbial palate cleanser from our first full length offering” clearly nodding towards the album that many of us are hoping is just around the corner.

Gotta Get Through’ is a searing debauched cocktail that in its sparse lyrics gives indulgence to the bass line that is set alight in the darkest part of your imagination.

'Gotta Get Through' video.

Of the songs released so far by the three-piece, ‘Gotta Get Through’ encapsulates the ethos of band.

Marauding zombies jumping to the beat like fish escaping electrified water, fans of The Blinders know they create music that should be experienced not just listened to and this puts the appetisers that the recordings are into perspective.

In true fashion, the video that accompanies this track created by Nasty Man Creations is just another paving stone in the intrinsic nature of the culture that surrounds the band.

Delve into this track and just make sure you leave enough breadcrumbs to find your way back out.

Written by Josh

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