Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A REVIEW OF 'I Can't Stand It' FROM BLOSSOMS - 27/03/2018

The Stockport quintet, BLOSSOMS resurfaced the Earth on the 2nd March with their most recent single ‘I Can’t Stand It’. Taken from yet-to-be-released their second album ‘Cool Like You’, the five lads have impressed once again with their indie track sewn with funky basslines and an 80’s pop aura.

Since their self-titled debut album, Tom Odgen (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitarist), Charlie Salt (bassist & backing vocalist), Myles Kellock (keyboardist & backing vocalist) and Joe Donovan (drummer) toured and recorded non-stop until their break over the last few months.

Recent conflict between band members, that was later announced fake, built the ultimate climax to announce their next album out 27th April. ‘I Can’t Stand It’ being the first released single from the record, gives us a vague idea of Blossoms’ direction - or does it?

The track has many Blossom’s features, such as the love lyricism and pop synths. ‘I Can’t Stand It’ almost feels nostalgic and the lyrics contrast with mellow sound; “I know I probably should be sleeping not thinking this through, but I can’t stand it…’  frontman Tom Ogden sings, over the upbeat tones.

However, I have found many people have been underwhelmed at the fact the track’s sound is no different from their expected. With that said, it seems people were split over the track as many loved the five-piece’s comeback.

The video which accompanied the track was directed by the band themselves and cleverly inspired by the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind (2004). The video, alike with the track, gives spotlight to each individual band member.

On top of the release of the video, we were greeted with an acoustic version of the track just last week which can be downloaded or streamed here. It was recorded at Parr St Studios along with acoustic versions of every other song from 'Cool Like You,' all of which shall be available on the deluxe version of the album.

In my opinion, it’s clear to see that Blossoms have teased an outstanding single from ‘Cool Like You’ of which I have no doubt this is one of many to come.

Written by Robyn.

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