Friday, 27 April 2018

A REVIEW OF 'Skint Kids Disco' FROM NO HOT ASHES - 27/04/2018

NO HOT ASHES - photo credit to Sam Crowston
From left to right - Matthew, Jack, Isaac & Luigi
 On the 30th March, the Stockport quartet NO HOT ASHES released their long-awaited second EP ‘Skint Kids Disco’ with the label, Modern Sky UK. The four lads; Isaac Taylor (lead vocalist & rhythm guitarist), Luigi Di Vuono (lead guitarist & backing vocalist), Jack Walsh (bassist) and Matthew Buckley (drummer) have delivered a collection of indie tracks - two of which already released prior to the EP release. Alongside producer Gavin Monaghan (JAWS), No Hot Ashes recorded ‘Skint Kids Disco’ at the new Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton.

The title track ‘Skint Kids Disco’, perfectly introduces the sound No Hot Ashes put out on the EP. They cover a range of features such as raw vocals and synths thriving with a catchy chorus completed with a short electric guitar solo which phenomenally captures their indie-pop sound.

The second track on the EP ‘Eight Till Late’, in my opinion, carries a nostalgic feel to it. Opening with a mellow guitar hook and fresh vocals the track goes on to give an insight to personal lyrics: “How’s your brain? Well I'm open to talk about it Eight Till Late.” I think that this track is the most bold of the three and I imagine it would be great live.

Finally, the newly released track ‘Bad Crowd’ is infected with funky bass lines and heavier vocals, from frontman Isaac Taylor. Also with backing vocals echoing “We are the bad crowd,” emphasises that No Hot Ashes have made a track for the youth. “An anti-anthem that sticks two firm fingers up…” - just what kids today really need; a band willing to stand for the younger generation through music.

No Hot Ashes are set to play a series of gigs across Spring and Summer in the UK, including festivals such as Kendal Calling and Hit The North. In my opinion, after their SOLD-OUT gig at Manchester Academy in March, the four-piece are - without a doubt - going to be ones to keep an eye open for this year.

Written by Robyn.

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