Sunday, 20 May 2018

A REVIEW OF CABEZUDOS' LATEST SINGLE 'Calling Your Name' - 20/05/2018

CABEZUDOS are the five-piece from Liverpool / The Wirral who recently released their latest single, ‘Calling Your Name.’
The track which Jack Hughes (vocalist), Chris Bolton (guitarist), Tom Maher (bassist), Sean Fay (trumpeter & keyboardist) and Harry Strachan (drummer & backing vocalist) released on 3rd May was their first offering of the year and was a fabulous way for them to kick off the year.
Having seen the track live multiple times, it was pretty damn good to finally be able to hear the recorded version. I feel Cabezudos’ music was overdue, and this was a brilliant song for them to have presented to us.
Hard-hitting from the beginning, it captures every single aspect of the band throughout its entirety making it the perfect embodiment of Cabezudos.
The recent addition of Sean Fay to the band has definitely enabled the band to further their sound and hit back with a slightly different vibe – one that I feel isn’t being done by any other up and coming bands around UK at the moment.
Although I have loved every song which has been released by the quintet, this is definitely my favourite. There is just something so slick and smooth about it, the way the vocals and the trumpet work together, the building up of the guitar and bass and the hammering of the drums.
Despite the fact I have seen this track live in the past, when I have done so there was no keyboard and the new member was not an official member of the band, this is something which has me feeling a level of anticipation around seeing it again now things have progressed for the band.

There simply is something so refreshing about this track because everything recently I have been listening to has been somewhat heavier due to what seems to be coming out the most at present, this track has a heavier style but at the same time is somewhat upbeat. It is an excellent mix.
When I asked frontman Jack Hughes about the track, he said “This song for us is the first glimpse of the new sound that we’ve been locked away trying to perfect. Introducing a 5th member (Sean Fay) on keys and trumpet has been tough and time consuming but it’s definitely been worth it. This song is also the closing of a chapter as well as our first release ‘Tempting Fate’ and now this are kind of a tale of life & death or part 1 & part 2 of a story.”
I for one am very grateful for the time these boys have spent getting their sound onto this level and am very excited for the next chapter of the Cabezudos story.

Written by Sophie.

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