Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Just after their two year departure, PEACE thunderously resurfaced to the scene March last year with their come back tour headlining ‘Topman on Tour with NME’ . Prior to their unexpected release of ‘From Under Liquid Glass’  in December, the Birmingham hailing indie quartet had not delivered music since their mellow second album ‘Happy People’ in February 2015. Their debut record  ‘In Love' from 2013, still paints some of the setlist now, with popular tracks such as ‘1998 (Delicious)’ and ‘Higher Than The Sun’ whilst playing fresh tracks such as ‘Power’ and ‘Silverlined’. To accompany Peace’s new album ‘Kindness is The New Rock And Roll’, came a headline UK tour. 

On the 9th May, Peace took over the Leadmill in Sheffield and delivered a phenomenal gig, living up to my hopeful expectations. 

Supporting Peace, Irish trio Whenyoung set the scene with their staggering stage presence; lead singer and bassist Aoife Power opened up the night with her sweet and strong vocals whilst the band also shared their dreamy rock tracks, infected with snappy riffs. Their set was combined with the soft and heavier tracks that the band have only recently put out. 

When Peace emerged with their track ‘Wraith,' a long awaited rush of excitement drew the crowd together. A cluster of familiar faces created an immense friendly atmosphere and even proved that less than three minutes into their gig, Peace had been well and truly missed by many. The four-piece continued to go on to play ‘Money’, taken from their 2013 second album, amplifying the nostalgia in the room. Emphatic hooks and raw vocals from lead Harry Koisser, brought attention to the fact that they have not strayed far from their roots, even 5 years after their debut. 

Their impeccable performance led on to new tracks such as ‘You Don't Walk Away From Love’ - a fresh catchy, guitar infatuated track that evidently sounded as great live as on the recent record. ‘1998 (Delicious)’ was the one track anticipated by many, due to the intensified beat drop that explodes with colour and adrenaline. The midland based band contrasted their eccentric tracks with a slower version of their original ‘Perfect Skin’, before more upbeat songs. Finally, the gig came to an end with ‘Bloodshake’ which personally left me coming away from the gig with an outstanding impression.

Alongside their UK tour, Peace also featured at a handful of festivals mid-Spring, such as ‘Live At Leeds’ and ‘SoundCity’ in Liverpool. Over this past year, their come-back gigs have exampled their capability to leave the crowd in awe and still pick up from where they left off two years ago. 

Written by Robyn.

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